Best Ever Chicken Tortilla Soup

I don't know about you, but where I live, it has been raining. For days. And not a nice soft drizzle rain, but torrential downpour rain. Which naturally makes me think of hot, steamy soup. So I got to work in the kitchen. Soup is for fall and winter but since we are...

Willingness, Not Willpower is The Key To Success

I know, for many of us, this is a really busy time of the year, mostly because we downshift (of upshift!) from a more relaxed carefree summer to getting back to schedules, driving kids around, meetings, not to mention getting back to eating better because...

Late Summer Pickles Recipe

The best part about the month of August around here is the bounty of vegetables that are literally crawling out of my garden. Cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, summer squash and all sorts of greens have made their debut. The worst part? It’s going to...

How To Have A Regret Free Summer

My summer always seems to start out with big plans and dreams. I imagine all the time i'll have on my hands and how I might embrace a new hobby, or upping my exercise and trying something new. My summers then typically get away from me, or my entertaining,...

Fresh Herb Chimichuri Sauce

I have a secret obsession. No, it's not sugar, or chocolate or the latest diet craze. It's plants.My garden. I am obsessed with growing vegetables (and all the things that go with it).   Every year we seem to find more places to plant vegetables, fruits,...

Baked Cod with Parmesan Herb Crust

I love seafood and wax poetic about all kinds. Even sardines 🙂 Fish, especially fatty fish like salmon and sardines, have some of the best sources of omega 3 fats (the good for you fats you must get from food) and most are full of calcium and vitamin D....

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