Deep Winter Journal: A Day Of Noticing

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I have had winters where I have resisted this season fiercely. Dark days, little sunlight. Not for me.

But the other day  I took a slow walk around my place.

And simply  noticed.

The white snow against the brown, restful trees taking a long needed rest.


The tall grasses gone the color of pale straw.


The lone bird houses, empty and bare, patiently waiting for the spring  birds to return home.


Tiny icicles hanging off the warming hut that houses our ice skates and a toasty fire.


The beehives, wrapped in their winter insulation, hopefully teeming with life on the inside. We won’t know for sure until the spring if they have survived the bitter, deep cold.


The chickens, cozy in their coop, lovingly producing eggs for us everyday.  I am filled with gratitude for those little birds.


My beautiful garden, covered in a blanket of protective snow.  I know there is purpose for all this dormancy and quiet.


The quite running river, temporarily deserted by the mallards and Canadian geese. Watch this very short video of the beautiful winter silence outside my back door.

I know there is a deep need to be present, to rest and to stay in this moment that is only temporary.

And simply notice.

8 comments to " Deep Winter Journal: A Day Of Noticing "

  • Gorgeous. Thank you for taking me on this lovely walk, Heather. You remind me there’s beauty all around us, we simply need to open our eyes and notice it.

  • Very majestic! It was excellent to take the time and appreciate the beauty of silence. I find it important to take a moment and enjoy the wonders of nature. Thank you.

  • I adore meditating on Nature in her winter coat. The stillness, the majestic beauty, the state of patiently waiting for what comes next. And the trickling of water in the cold quiet is one of my favourite sounds. Thank you for sharing the splendour of your home.

  • how lovely and serene, heather. noticing. so important. (i especially liked the photo of your warming hut! many childhood memories of ice-skating with my mom.)

  • Doesn’t nature feel so restorative! I am currently skiing with my family and simply getting outside and being on top of a mountain with gorgeous views changes my whole attitude of winter. Maybe because we are closer to the sun when we’re up there ;)

    Thank you for noticing and sharing all that you saw.

  • Wow Heather – this is so majestic. I have never seen snow like that before. Felt so tranquil as I strolled with you through your world. Thank you for sharing xx

  • I haven’t seen so much snow in a long time. Beautiful. It reminds me of how much sound there is in silence. Lovely Heather..
    P.S I want to see the inside of the warming hut! I hope the bees make it through the winter too!

    • Heather Carey

      Today is a big test for winter here, it is 1 degree outside and the wind chill feels like -15! It is cold like we have never seen before. But there is beauty in it, and a purpose. It gives us all a chance to rest. I will keep you posted on the bees, I hope they make it too, same with the poor chickens!

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