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About Heather Carey, MS Culinary Nutritionist

Nutritionist, chef, cooking instructor and speaker are some of my “official titles” but really, I am a woman, a mom and a partner who know firsthand how it feels to get sucked into the false promise of diets, manage my own health challenges (I’ll tell you about my MS diagnosis below) and have to worry about feeding my family another healthy meal when I just feel too tired to cook.

Can you relate?

Health can be challenging. I totally get it.

My biggest work in this world is to teach women like you (and me) how to find peace with food. Joy in their kitchens. Self expression in nourishing themselves. Not for your kids. Not for your spouse.

For you.

Because this is the only body you will ever have, and as it supports you on the far side of 40 and into the second half of your life, I want to show you that you have choices. 

Health can happen for you. And it is my joy, my pleasure, my calling to show you all that is possible for yourself when you nurture the body that holds you.

The work I do is truly the first step in creating a nourished life.

We All Have a Food Story, Here’s Mine.

I grew up in a family peppered with food stories and secrets, in between two sisters who didn’t have to worry about their weight, nor knew what the word “diet” was. It was commonplace for me to dabble in the latest trend, losing and gaining weight back, going round and round in a never ending cycle of diet success and failure.

In my family, food was love. Candy was a reward, cookies held my hand through loss and a steamy bowl of my grandmother’s matzoh ball soup comforted me and made me feel cherished. McDonald’s was the treat when my parents were having a night out and root beer floats were the Saturday night special.

Although I grew up during the explosion of the processed food era (circa 1970’s), I always had a strong curiosity about the way food affected my health and wellbeing. Early on I was intrigued that a certain food, or a vitamin, could be solely responsible for specific functions in your body.  When my macrobiotic loving aunt came for a visit and brought what seemed like foods from other lands, I was hooked. I was introduced to brown rice, tofu, seaweed and the healing properties of each.

My aunt left me with her tattered copy of The Book of Whole Meals, the cookbook from the cooking school I would later attend. That book would become my culinary guide all through college and then for a move to the West Coast. As I was making decisions for my next life adventure, I turned that book over and saw that Anne Marie Colbin, the author, had a cooking school in New York City. My fate was sealed, and I was back on the East Coast.

As I was embarking on my cooking and nutrition education, my experience within the realm of food and healing took a personal turn when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As devastating as the diagnosis was, the timing was right. I was armed with information and ready to support my body with my growing knowledge of food as medicine. I was incredibly grateful to be in charge of my kitchen.

I was learning to manage my MS through the power of food…and then came the kids. Three of them very close together (twins, and the third, less than two years later). Exhaustion, extra weight, stress and a whole lot of mindless eating and drinking ensued in order to make it through the day. Although I knew a lot about healthy food and nutrition, I had lost my way. My deeply ingrained childhood habits kicked in, and it became crystal clear that the food stories I inherited as a young adult came back to take hold.

I was having a hard time losing the baby weight, believing that eating sugar and drinking wine could soothe my emotions. I was overwhelmed and stressed out. Sugar and wine failed me every time and only left me more tired, with more weight and more frustration.

I Got Back on Track…

This was a lightbulb moment for me. Though I had all the information and the knowledge of a very healthy eater, I was not at my ideal healthy  weight. This was not an easy story to admit to myself, much less the outside world. I had attended a cooking school that specialized in health supportive cooking, and one of the top graduate schools in the country for clinical nutrition. Yet, I was allowing life to get in the way of what I needed: real nourishing food to support my health, and my family, as well as a profound shift in my habits. I needed the proper mindset to make myself a priority. This was the missing link. I was missing the key habits that I now know are requirements for making lasting changes to our health and weight – a connection to mindful eating, becoming an intuitive eater, a real food education and the skills to pull off healthy eating in everyday life.

I reconnected with the healing properties of real, whole food. I stopped treating wine and sugar like my best friend. I embraced meal planning and learned to truly enjoy cooking again. I made a commitment and cheered myself on every step of the way. I journaled, I stayed connected to my inner peace. My kitchen became my sanctuary and a place of pleasure, not stress. I lost 20 pounds, kept it off and regained my energy. The food I chose to nourish myself with made all the difference.

Now, as a wife and mother to three very busy teenagers, with a full career and household, I am more than familiar with the challenges it takes to manage my health, feed my family healthy meals, all while nurturing my own food and nutrition needs.

Which Brings Me to You.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to get going.

Whether you’ve been struggling with losing weight, understanding your crazy hormones, managing a chronic illness, or new to this healthy real food journey, I am here to help you make peace with food and see the results you want to achieve. I meet you where you are at. It’s all within in you, I am here to simply guide you on your healing journey and support you along the way.

Through my 1-1 coaching, cooking classes at The Green Palette Kitchen, or recipes and news on my blog, I’m in this to make a difference in women’s lives through the undeniable impact of real food and a profound shift in habits. It worked for me. I know it can work for you.

Here’s how we begin. Reach out to set up a time to talk. No pressure or obligation, just a brief conversation to see if how I work is a fit for you. I look forward to connecting.



Professional Bio

Heather Carey is a nutritionist, whole foods chef and speaker. She helps women make significant shifts in their health and weight through nutrition coaching and cooking instruction in her teaching kitchen, The Green Palette Kitchen. Heather received her master’s degree from New York University, one of the top schools in the country for clinical nutrition and received a chef’s certification from The Natural Gourmet Institute, the premier cooking school for health supportive cooking. Heather was recently chosen to be part of the “Fairfield 25”, a group of the most giving, most interesting and most talented individuals in Fairfield, CT.


Heather’s Credentials

  • New York University, MS Clinical Nutrition
  • Chef Training Program, The Natural Gourmet Cooking School
  • Syracuse University, BA Political Science, minor in Mediation and Communication
  • Member, The North American Menopause Society
  • Adult Weight Management, American Dietetic Association, Certificate
  • Food as Medicine, Mind Body Medicine Institute, Certificate
  • Food, Mood and Brain Health, Mind Body Medicine Institute, Certificate
  • Creator of the first edible school garden, Mill Hill Elementary School, Southport, CT

Online Cooking Classes

The Green Palette Kitchen is my kitchen away from home, my cozy state of the art teaching and meeting space where we put theory into practice through food. Private and group cooking lessons are available. I would love to cook with you!