Online Nutrition Coaching

Online Nutrition Coaching

Online Nutrition Coaching | Heather Carey, MS Culinary Nutrition

Online Nutrition Coaching

Give yourself the chance to get personalized attention and focus in on the changes to be made – for you.

My core philosophy is finding freedom from diets and using food for healing – whether you are struggling to lose weight, or have a specific medical condition that can be addressed though food, I can help.

During Covid-19 I am exclusively online for nutrition coaching.

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Online Kitchen Coaching

Kitchen coaching gets you on track with:

  • meal planning
  • setting up a well run pantry full of healthy ingredients
  • simple and delicious healthy cooking
  • mindful and stress free grocery shopping
  • culinary basics such as learning how to use a knife (your best tool in the kitchen!)

Let me show you take charge of your kitchen so you can realize empowered eating and healing through food.


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