Virtual Nutrition Coaching Services

Virtual Nutrition Coaching Services

Online Nutrition Coaching | Heather Carey

Individualized Online Nutrition Coaching

Give yourself the chance to get personalized attention and focus in on the changes to be made – for you.  My core philosophy is using food for healing – whether you have a specific medical condition that needs attention, are looking to lose those last ten pounds or wondering where your energy has gone, I can help.   Different packages for different needs. In-person or virtual nutrition coaching available.

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Lose Weight Without Dieting

Get off the yo-yo dieting bandwagon for good! The EatFree Guided Transformation is a powerful program, giving you six specific steps on your way to food freedom.  It is a journey towards reaching your health goals in a powerful, yet easy to understand way. Skills learned now are skills you will have for life. Self-Guided, Group Coaching or Individual programs available.