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About Heather

About Heather

Heather Carey, MS is a culinary nutritionist who helps women make simple, yet significant, diet and lifestyle changes that can lead to better health, well-being and increased kitchen confidence. Heather was recently chosen to be part of the “Fairfield 25”, a group of the most giving, most interesting and most talented individuals in Fairfield, CT.


“It is so very rare to find in one person a master chef dedicated to organic foods and healthy living, combined with her expertise as a top quality educator in nutrition for kids, adults and people with medical conditions. As both a nutritionist and a chef, Heather Carey is a one stop shop for anyone looking to learn how to eat, learn how to cook deliciously healthy foods and gain the tools needed to take control of your health and wellness through food.”

Hilary Berger

Founder of Work Like A Mother, Weston, CT

I’m so thankful that I decided to work with you last winter. A lot of what we discussed and the ideas you gave me really took hold. I’m cooking more, and I have easily doubled our intake of vegetables on a weekly basis. I don’t throw away the kale any longer! I go through a bag or two each week. Chickpeas are on a weekly rotation, and I’ve ventured into quinoa and farro. Sometimes for breakfast. My energy, digestive system – even my skin tone – have all improved. All good and so illuminating! It’s not “perfect” (what is?) but I am certainly no longer “failing at food” and that feels great.

Karen K.

Westport, CT

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