Online Nutrition Coaching

Helping Women in Midlife End The Confusion with Food

Online Nutrition Coaching

Helping Women in Midlife End The Confusion with Food

Online Nutrition Coaching | Online Kitchen Coaching |

How Do I Find the Best Online Nutrition Coach?

Your body is shifting, mystery weight gain is happening and you just can’t seem to get your energy up.

Midlife does not come with a how-to guide and the words “just tell me what to eat” are taking up precious space in your brain.

It’s not your fault. Food is confusing, and the internet is of no help.

How do you know where to start looking for an online nutrition coach that fits this unique stage of your life?

I know something about you (because I’ve been there too!). You’ve tried too many diets and food theories to count because they all promised a quick solution and rapid weight loss.

You know deep down (after losing and gaining) that diets just don’t work. You want a way to feel good so that healthy eating fits into your life with ease.

This is where I come in. As an online nutritionist, I help women in midlife get off the dieting rollercoaster so they can finally make peace with their bodies. I would love to help you do the same.

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Here’s How I Can Help…

Online Nutrition Coaching

Thin did not come naturally to me. It was frustrating growing up, never being the “skinny” one in a family of all sisters.

Even before the current diet frenzy really exploded, I was vulnerable to the messages of sacrificing food in pursuit of a certain body image.

When I began to realize the powerful connection between food and healing (both physically as well as emotionally). I finally reclaimed my body.

I can help you get your body (and mind) back too. Click below for more information on ways to get started.

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Online Kitchen Coaching

Learning about the important aspects of nutrition in your health is important. Knowing how to translate that information into your own kitchen is vital.

Kitchen coaching gets you on track with:

  • wondering what’s for dinner every single night
  • healthy pantry basics to make healthy, quick meals
  • learning the real deal around food and what to really eat
  • mindful and stress-free grocery shopping

Take charge of your kitchen so you can realize empowered eating and healing through food.

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Private Healthy Cooking Lessons

Private online cooking classes can help you eat healthier, more delicious, and more simply.

Choose from three signature classes or together we can design your own healthy online cooking class based on your unique health issues or preferences.

Whether it is 1-1 or with your small group, check out our offerings by clicking the link below.  Allergies, sensitivities, health issues, and special dietary concerns are always accommodated.

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I’m Looking For an Online Nutrition Coach Because:

I Want More Freedom in My Relationship with Food           

Discover a different way to do diets, challenge food beliefs, and make peace with your body.

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I Need The Confidence To Eat Healthily

Gain the real-life skills to get more organized in the kitchen and actually enjoy it.

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I Want To Learn To Cook Healthy, Delicious Food

Discover how to make simple, healthy food taste amazing

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Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • know the word “diet” is no longer a part of your vocabulary.
  • finally, get a grip on your sugar and alcohol cravings.
  • feel a steady stream of energy all day.
  • lose weight without having to tough it out or feel like you’re starving.
  • feel the confidence in your kitchen to create healthy meals.
  • have crystal clear clarity around what to eat, for you, and end the confusion around food.
  • plan and create stress-free meals that you can feel great about eating

Hi, I’m Heather.

I want to ask you a question.

How many times have you gotten lured in by the latest fad diet, or spent way too much money on mysterious food testing, only to end up exactly where you started?

Your frustration and desperation for an easy solution is costing you your precious time, energy and money.

Here’s the reality. Feeling great, losing weight, and increasing your energy takes work. It takes a commitment to yourself.

Truth is, there is no magic bullet.

I’m here to help guide you to a more peaceful relationship with food.

I can’t wait to connect. Click below for my online calendar to set up a free, zero pressure strategy session for you. You will love what you learn.

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A Few Kind Words…

“I was ready to get started with working with Heather, it’s been a long time coming! I can’t believe the amount of processed foods/sugar I was eating! It was scary.

What’s important to know is that this is NOT a diet. This is a lifestyle and once you try it, you will never want to go back to the way you were eating before. I used to always want to lose that 20 pounds in two weeks. When I didn’t, I would get frustrated, give up and gain more weight! Heather taught me to take my time and go by my body and trust that I will lose weight as I am supposed to.”

- Meredith N.
“It is so very rare to find in one person a master chef dedicated to organic foods and healthy living, combined with her expertise as a top quality educator in nutrition for kids, adults and people with medical conditions. As both a nutritionist and a chef, Heather Carey is a one stop shop for anyone looking to learn how to eat, learn how to cook deliciously healthy foods and gain the tools needed to take control of your health and wellness through food.”

- Hilary B.
“I had developed some really bad habits and had forgotten what food was all about. I cannot believe how easily I let things slip. If I had one more plate of grilled vegetables and a side of protein, I’d lose it. In a way, I did; I lost all interest in cooking because it just wasn’t fun anymore and there was too much focus on eliminating carbs or some new research that was making my head spin.

Am I getting some sort of emotional satisfaction from making these meals and that feeling is ‘crowding out’ the negative aspect of emotional eating? I just don’t feel like having the treats at the end of the meal because the main meal has satisfied me on so many levels. I enjoy cooking again and that means so much to me.”

- Pam P.
“I’m so thankful that I decided to work with Heather. A lot of what we discussed and the ideas she gave me really took hold. I’m cooking more, and I have easily doubled our intake of vegetables on a weekly basis. I don’t throw away the kale any longer! I go through a bag or two each week. Chickpeas are on a weekly rotation, and I’ve ventured into quinoa and farro. Sometimes for breakfast. My energy, digestive system - even my skin tone - have all improved. All good and so illuminating. It’s not “perfect” (what is?) but I am certainly no longer “failing at food” and that feels great."

- Karen K.

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