The Healthy Midlife Reset


Start the New Year Right!

We’ve All Been There

Another new year with new goals. Big plans and ambitions, the weight of the world on your shoulders to get these changes underway…Right. Now.

I know, I’ve been there. It can feel daunting, especially if we want to lose weight, get a grip on hormones and feel energized.

And then the overwhelm creeps in – how to get started, fear over not doing it right, and please, no more diets!

I want 2021 to be a different year for you

Rather than focusing on the latest punishing diet that requires you to eliminate entire food groups (and there are plenty of those out there) or promise a quick fix, I want you to focus on the endgame, the big picture. Take the pressure off and focus on treating yourself with kindness.

A happier, healthier version of yourself doesn’t happen overnight.

But it does start with a plan.

Introducing The Healthy Midlife Jumpstart

What’s on your list this year?

If losing weight, feeling energetic, or getting on a grip on your hormones is even a thought for you I can promise, it starts with the food.

It doesn’t have to be drastic or uncomfortable. No harsh detoxes to whip you into shape. But you need to be in charge.

It starts with knowing what you are eating every day.

The Healthy Midlife Jumpstart will be your first stepping stone to a renewed way of eating and living. It will show you how to plan out your meals so you are back in control.

If effortless healthy eating has felt like what only “other” woman do, the Healthy Midlife Jumpstart will get you to love real food again. You will enjoy done for you meal plans full of simple, yet delicious recipes, that are within your reach.

And by the end, you will happily be planning out your very own meals too.

It’s a win-win.

“I’d like to thank you for your program! The fact that it has structure and yet is flexible was exactly what I needed to start, and you made it super easy to follow! I’ve learned a lot not just about food and meal prep, but I feel like some of the tools can be carried into almost every facet of my hectic life.  Of course, that seems like common sense, but sometimes work, home, and a lack of taking the time for me get in the way. More importantly than the food I was eating, is the realization that I’m a pretty good talker, and that just because I know something doesn’t mean I’m actually doing the right thing. The recipes in your program are really great. I’ve always liked to cook but wasn’t making the healthiest dishes for sure. Also, finding pockets of time throughout the week to prepare things have been huge for me. Thank you for providing all the necessary info to succeed with and for making me more aware of my actions and their consequences.”

Debbie C.

Why Now is the Perfect Time For The Healthy Midlife Jumpstart

Here’s the deal.

2020 has been a hard year for all of us. Emotional eating, maybe a little too much wine, the fear and anxiety.It’s been a battle!

Not to mention the stage of life we are in. Midlife can mean mysterious weight gain, more anxiety, sleepless nights and hot flashes.

You shouldn’t have to add more stress and guess at the correct way to get back on track this season. Or hold onto another fad diet that promises you the moon and delivers false promises.

Losing weight, having more energy and feeling great are yours for the taking, with a little assistance and real guidance.

Now is the time for you!

For two weeks you will get done for you meal plans full of delicious, nutritious, easy recipes that will help you ease back into the post-holiday season. To make it even easier, you will get a game plan that gives you step by step directions for making meals virtually carefree.

You will also have the opportunity to join me in our own private Facebook group that I will be participating in daily to give you tips, answer questions and give encouragement. Once a week I will host a Facebook Live event to talk about food, cooking, weight loss, energy. You name it, we cover it!

The Healthy Midlife Jumpstart Details

  • Click on one of the easy links above or below to sign up. The price is only $197 for the two week experience
  • Detailed meal plans, shopping list, a game plan and creative, simple plant based recipes, guidance through the week and a private group for accountability.
  • The Jumpstart begins on Sunday January 10th but you can get started (highly recommended!) on Friday January 8th. This will give you a few days to prepare and be ready.
    • A meal plan, shopping list and game plan that will include easy healthy supportive breakfasts, lunch, dinners and snack ideas
    • A set of beautifully curated recipes and a guide to help you through the week
    • A plan for delicious, nutritious eating that will spur healthy into action
  • PLUS!
    • Kitchen equipment and pantry guides to make cooking even easier
  • AND…
    • A Private Facebook group which I will be checking in daily
    • Two Facebook Live calls for you to interact in real time with me. We’ll cover cooking tips, answer questions about being your healthiest in midlife, our mindsets and mindfulness.
    • Don’t worry about missing those if you can’t make it, they will be recorded.

It’s that simple to start 2021 off on the right foot

Commit to making healthy eating a part of your health goals this year

“Since starting I have been eating more whole foods and thinking a lot more about what I buy. All the recipes were fantastic!  Through the workshop, I felt more able to stop and think about what I was eating.  It put me on the road to weight loss.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone. It was so informative with a warm group and leader.”

Nancy W.

Hey There, I’m Heather! 

I specialize in helping women in midlife navigate their health through nutrition coaching and in the kitchen. I will be your guide and accountability partner for the two weeks of The Healthy Midlife Jumpstart. I am a clinical nutritionist and chef, and I am also a woman and mom who is navigating the rocky waters of perimenopause and beyond. When I embraced meal planning and healthy eating on a daily basis (rather than a “when I can get to it” attitude) my world opened up. I lost stubborn weight (for good!), gained so much energy and got my health issues in check. Let’s make 2021 your year to take charge!

Have Questions? I’m happy to chat, click the link to reach out.

Let’s Talk

Doors are now closed for the Winter Reset! If you are interested in the Spring Healthy Midlife Reset click above tor reach out and get on the list! See you in April!