The Perfect Winter Meal

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I was recently featured in Fairfield Magazine’s article on hosting a cozy get together in the cold winter months. My job was to create the perfect meal for this event, and I think I succeeded.

So what makes a great meal?  Some people believe that during the holidays, the definition of a great meal begins and ends with overeating.  The more stuffed you feel at the end, the more of a success the meal was.

Let’s choose something different this year.  Let’s have an early New Year’s resolution to make our plates heavy with seasonal vegetables, warming whole grains, fresh herbs and spices – and vow to eliminate cream sauces and foods that have the word “candied” in it.

Trust me, it all still tastes outstanding, but in a different kind of a way. This meal is fresh, healthy, seasonal and cozy.  Which leaves you at  the table lighter and happier.

For this meal I focused on seasonal, organic and simple.  Here’s the menu:

Butternut Sqush and Apple Soup
Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb with
Citrus Gremolata
Wild Rice Pilaf with Fresh Herb and Winter Greens
Roasted Winter Vegetables

If you can, buy local grass fed lamb.  There are some winter farmer’s markets that sell local vegetables but mostly strive for organic if possible.  The menu is not complicated, exactly the way I like it.  You can prep the vegetables the day before to save time.  Click here to get all the recipes and enjoy this warm winter meal.