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Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole
Let’s get real: sweet potatoes and marshmallows are not a match! But sweet potatoes, with a touch of maple and good-for-you pecans, are a different story. The next time you need to bring a dish to your holiday party, make it better. Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole is a filling, healthy ...
Shrimp Salad with Corn, Tomato and Lime
This is a super simple, fresh salad, full of fresh flavors. The combination of shrimp, corn, tomato, and lime juice are bright and a lovely seasonal dish.
Cauliflower Chickpea Curry
Simple Cauliflower Chickpea Curry
The Hottest Hot Sauce
Every year I intentionally grow lots of hot peppers in my garden to have our annual hot sauce contest. My husband and I go head to head to see who can make the hottest hot sauce and this year, I won! If you like to add a kick to your ...
Simple Peach and Pecan Crisp
Do you love peaches as much as I do? Summer is the season for peaches is right now and I want you to take full advantage of them. Peaches are one of those ultra seasonal fruits (along with all stone fruits such as plums) that you will definitely not find ...
Quick Pickled Cucumbers and Onion
It’s that time of year to start using up that bumper crop of garden veggies and you, my friend, are going to learn how to make quick pickled cucumbers and red onion. Or just pickles, as I like to call them. My garden lets me know where things are at ...
Radish Greens Pesto
I abhor food waste. Although I am a huge proponent of composting (using my kitchen scraps to break down into nutritious soil for my garden), not everyone has the space or the land to compost all their vegetables, fruit skins, and egg shells. As a result, a lot of food ...
Honey Balsamic Dressing Recipe
Repeat after me: I will not buy any more bottled salad dressings Bottled salad dressings are full of unnecessary processed sugars, thickeners, flavors and stabilizers that make it look pretty in the bottle. Good for your health? Not so much. It is easier to make a homemade salad dressing such ...
Strawberry Fennel and Arugula Salad
How are you feeling about the reopening of the world these days? I don’t think I’m alone when I say this has been a long couple of years, with many changes. Lockdown and now to breakout. We have to shift our way of being and living, again.One thing that never ...
Sheet Pan Shrimp with Spring Vegetables and Farro
I traveled this past weekend. I actually rushed through a busy airport, waited in a crowded security line with hundreds of other people, sat in a jammed up plane, and wore a mask for hours. I have to admit, it was a little jarring. I realized how isolated I have ...
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