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Grief, Loss and Eating Your Feelings

I experienced a tragedy this past week. I had to very unexpectedly and quickly put down my Golden Retriever, Buck, who was a very important member of my family. The grief compelled me to create a podcast about loss, trauma, how we were wired to process these emotions (me through …

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Redo Your Resolutions


Happy 2023! I always like the idea of a new year and all the possibilities. Typically, many of us go into January with an agenda to get things done and to make big changes. This usually centers around our physical – weight, detoxing, quitting alcohol, etc. It also means taking …

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When It’s Time To Quit (the Diet)


What does quitting feel like to you? Quitting, for me, shouts freedom. Quitting gives us a choice. As we near the end of 2022 what would it feel like to you to say “I Quit!” to the world of diets and deprivation and how do you shift your mind so …

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Holiday Party Pep Talk

holiday survival guide

You know what’s coming up, right? At least five holidays (more or less, depending on which ones you celebrate) and a boatload of parties and gatherings. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate this month. But, which one of these people are you? The one that believes that gaining …

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Become a Healthy Cooking Rockstar

We’re coming to the end of the year and if you feel like your Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned (as in too much pie or too many champagne cocktails) then you might be setting your sights on losing weight after the new year. Weight loss as a goal is fine, …

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