One-on-One Counseling/Coaching

Organic Food Specialist in Connecticut

Health Coaching Sessions

One-on-One Counseling and Coaching give you the chance to get personalized attention and focus in on the changes to be made – for you.  My core philosophy is using food for healing – whether you have a specific medical condition that needs attention, are looking to lose those last ten pounds or wondering where your energy has gone, I can help.   Please click on each of my distinct type of services for all the information and see how I work.

Empower Me! PlanBundle of organic Kitchen Herbs

Ready to get serious about making a commitment to your health?  This is a unique chance to focus solely on you – and I help you every step of the way. Click HERE to learn more about this VIP experience.

Nutritious Kitchen RedesignOrganic blueberry with leaves

Take the first essential steps to improving your health through the power of food!  The 4 session package covers everything you need to know to feel empowered in the kitchen: an initial food and nutrition strategy session, a hands-on health food store trip to really learn about what foods to buy, a pantry and kitchen rehab session and a masterful meal planning session in Connecticut. Click HERE for all the information and to sign up.

Clueless In The Garden Interactive

DIY Organic gardening tips

When you live in a world of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), pesticides and ingredients you cannot pronounce, the interest in knowing exactly where our food comes from increases a great deal. You, as a lover of fresh, wholesome food, know that anything picked from the garden has to be better than what comes out of a grocery store. No more CSA’s or scheduling time to get to the farmer’s market – it’s all outside your door.

Sounds fantastic. If only you knew where to begin. This service is only available in the Spring and Early Summer. Please click HERE for more information.

Contact a Nutrition Specialist in Connecticut

Have questions? I am always happy to speak to you about your health, wellbeing and how I can best support you. Please email to set up a time to talk.

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