Nutritious Kitchen Redesign
Health Pantry Makeover & Meal Planning

You Already Know How To Eat, Don’t You?

Nutritionist in ConnecticutYou’ve been around the block: Weight Watchers, Paleo, The Whole 30. You even have the Food Network on as background noise. You can count points in your sleep, take down the greenest green drinks and eliminate gluten and dairy like nobody’s business.

You enjoy cooking and know being in charge of your food is one of the best (and healthiest) ways to eat. Yet, after the diet ends, or the 3-day detox is over, there is still the challenge of getting in the kitchen: planning meals, grocery shopping with a purpose and finally getting rid of the clutter in the kitchen might feel like a large endeavor. And let’s not forget feeding our families.

Here’s the thing: you can have all the knowledge in the world about how to eat. But if you aren’t clear on why you are eating something or, more importantly, how to put all that knowledge to practice in your own kitchen, you may see yourself forever in the land of food confusion.

In The Four Session Nutritious Kitchen Redesign You Will:


create a stress free kitchen and pantry full of wonderful herbs, spices and other staples that work with your individual goals so cooking becomes easy and comfortable;


learn how to create meals from scratch with items you already have in your kitchen. There is always a healthy substitute for any meal;


learn the secrets to rockstar meal planning and simplified grocery shopping;


feel totally confident in the kitchen, knowing you are making delicious, nourishing food that supports your desire to eat well.

First Session: Nutrition Inspiration Session

In this 90-minute session, in my office or by phone, you and I will spend time exploring:Soup

  • your vision and the best options for success
  • food knowledge and cooking capabilities
  • current food habits and choices
  • your lifestyle and how this might affect your health
  • what you should really be eating – let’s let go of the hype

Second Session: Get A Real Food Education

Learn to navigate around the maze of the over 2,600 natural and organic food products Whole Foods carries. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices you have. In this 90-minute session (we will meet at Whole Foods):

  • learn how to read a food label and evaluate what is in a food in order to make the best choices;
  • get educated on local, organic, sustainable, natural 
and whole foods – what they are and why they might be 
important for you;
  • understand the best food choices for your individual needs and learn not to get lured in by fancy food promises.
  • master the art of grocery shopping – important tips and secrets for navigating the store in no time at all.

Third Session: Pantry and Kitchen Rehab

Time to clean out! Our kitchen does not have to come straight out of Martha Stewart magazine, full of expensive gadgets and fancy Oriental hot spices on wooden tablefoods. Having the right equipment and a well stocked pantry leads to less frustration and more ease in the kitchen. You and I will meet for 90-minutes in your kitchen to:

  • discover the essential foods to stock your pantry with in order to create quick, easy meals and snacks;
  • learn why it’s better to lose the foods that contribute to weight gain, inflammation and drain our energy;
  • learn what kitchen equipment and utensils any kitchen should never be without and what is no longer serving you;

Fourth Session: Harmonious Meal Planning

No more “what’s for dinner?” at 5pm. Harmonious meal planning is at the heart of the Nutritious Kitchen! When we learn how to successfully meal plan we:

  • discover the joy in cooking rather than it being something to dread;
  • learn to use your newly created personalized pantry to put together quick, effortless meals;
  • learn creative, yet practical tips that actually end up saving you tons of time not only in your kitchen but in your week.

More Benefits Of the Nutritious Kitchen Redesign Package:


Unlimited email for questions and extra motivation during our 28-days together;


Bonus links to my favorite cookbooks, motivational books, websites and apps;


Access to my ebook “10 Nourishing Secrets (with Delicious, Nutritious Recipes!) To Getting More Energy, Less Stress And A Better, More Healthful You”

About Heather

As a culinary nutritionist, I know first hand the benefits of homemade, wholesome food. Although my younger years were piled high with McDonald’s and other fast food, I grew up surrounded by great cooks, including one very progressive aunt who taught me to love beans, brown rice and kale (as a teenager!). I gravitated towards cooking school, intrigued with how the food we eat could help to heal us physically. I realize now that food nourishes us on so many other levels – spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I am on a mission to help you get back into your kitchen and realize the delicious impact that nourishing, whole food can have on your health and your peace of mind.

Have questions? Please send me an email, we’ll set up a time to talk!

“I was ready to get started with working with Heather, it’s been a long time coming! I can’t believe the amount of processed foods/sugar I was eating! It was scary. I was always afraid that cooking would be too much work to do and I didn’t have time but it is so worth it! I feel so much better after I eat and I now know exactly what is going into my food and body.”