Willingness, Not Willpower is The Key To Success

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I know, for many of us, this is a really busy time of the year, mostly because we downshift (of upshift!) from a more relaxed carefree summer to getting back to schedules, driving kids around, meetings, not to mention getting back to eating better because we think we should…

It can feel overwhelming.

I totally get it. There always seems to be a rush this time of year to get our ducks back in a row, as though we are no longer to have any more carefree days. Back to business as usual.

Yet, with all the timelines and appointments we load upon ourselves, there is one thing that I believe has to take priority over everything else.

Imagine a large umbrella, because there might be a lot under there for you – your weight, health issues, crazy hormones, energy levels – to name only a few. There might even more concerns for you.

If you don’t feel good, if your energy feels in the tank, or you are carrying extra weight around, it makes all the other responsibilities in your life that much harder to deal with.

I think we all have a secret wish that we are eating perfectly, drinking in “moderation”, and bouncing around, juggling all our to do’s with little effort and boundless stamina.

But, I imagine, that right about now, at this time of the year, you might be reprimanding yourself for not getting it together yet. If only you had the willpower to stick to something, to buckle down and get a grip.

Willpower? Who said anything about willpower?

I saw a quote the other day which I loved: “willingness, not willpower”. If you want to make a lasting change to your health, weight, energy, hormones, it takes a different kind of mindset.

I have seen this time and again. The second a client tells me that they have been on and off multiple diets, losing and gaining weight, suffering through the experience, I know in an instant that they were controlled by willpower. That “I can tough this out for 30 days and go back to what I was doing afterward” mentality.

Willingness is different. Willingness finally gives yourself permission to take care of yourself for the right reasons, not for someone else’s diet. Willingness allows you to take responsibility and even deal with setbacks (because they happen!).

Willingness puts YOU in control because you have made the choice to make a change.

I have an amazing program coming up called The EatFree Reset. This is not another fad diet or one trick pony. EatFreeis a chance to get back into action on your terms, not someone else’s diet rules.

We cover a lot of really important topics in our four weeks together. Starting with setting your own personal intentions and goals (key for staying on track), we dive deep into challenges that might come up, setbacks, paying attention to our hunger and how food can be our most powerful medicine.

Of course, we need to know how to live life as a healthy eater and we do this through creative, delicious recipes and a lot of kitchen talk so that cooking and planning meals becomes easy and effortless.

I would love for you to join me on September 17th when we gather online.

If you want to know more about the EatFree Reset, simply click HERE. Or respond to this email and we can set up a time to talk.

Willingness, not willpower is what creates significant change. I hope you can join us,


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