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For some of us the holidays are a relaxing time of year, filled with a packed social calendar, the chance to see long lost family and friends and really take in the holiday spirit.

And then there’s the rest of us.

The holidays always meant an inevitable five pounds gained. Fun? Yes. Stressful afterwards? You bet. And as I got older and clued in to this pattern, it started feeling exhausting and stressful before the holidays because I knew what the inevitable outcome was.

Believe it or not, there is actually a word for it: heortophobia. It means fear of the holidays. More specifically, you may have gratiarophobia, which is fear of Thanksgiving.

At least we have a word for it now.

And while I am trying to make light of a situation, the anxiety around overeating, gaining weight, drinking too much and tiring ourselves out can be real. To give you some peace of mind before the big day tomorrow, here are a couple things to remember:

Remember What The Holidays Are REALLY About. Seeing friends and family, spending time together, feeling grateful for what we have. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. I actually love this holiday the most since it is free of religion, politics, spending money, pressure to give and receive gifts. It is simply about appreciating what we have been given.

No Food Is Off Limits. When we berate ourselves with limited thinking around food we set ourselves up for overeating. Saying to yourself that you can only eat the turkey and Brussel sprouts and not touch the stuffing and pie because they are “bad” for you can feel punishing. No food is off limits, but we can choose to have a bite or two, rather than a portion or two.

There Is A Lot Of Good On The Table. Foods that are in season right now are actually really good for you too. Sweet potatoes, kale, Brussel sprouts, that delicious soup you will make the next day from the leftover turkey is what I love the most. Need some healthy inspiration? Click HERE, HERE and HERE for three great recipes to add to your table.

Get A Great Night’s Sleep. Are you hosting the holiday? This is usually my time to cook for my family. And, while I am happy to do it, I have had many a post holiday where I am mind numbingly exhausted. My sleep is becoming very precious to me and the power of a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized. Lack of sleep has been shown to up our chances of making poor food choices, crave more sugar and mindlessly snack more. Do yourself a favor and get into bed at a decent hour the night before (and Thanksgiving night too). Your weekend will thank you.

Sign Up For Pound Zero. In the spirit of potential holiday stress and weight gain I host a yearly 21-day guide to help you survive the season intact. Healthy recipes, tips and tricks, all in a quick little daily email. Best of all, it is FREE – my holiday gift to you. Click HERE is to sign up, we begin on November 30th!

Remember, there is always a tomorrow and a chance to start again. Enjoy the day!