Turkey Tips And Secrets

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is here again? The older I get the more some things seem to go really, really fast. Like the years. Or the fact that all of my kids are teenagers in high school and I have to start looking at colleges with them (I mean, seriously, when did that happen?).

But back to Thanksgiving. It’s here and you might be experiencing that familiar dread of overeating and over drinking, or gaining five pounds by January. Here’s a couple tips and tricks to help you land on Black Friday without holiday regret.

Never Go To The Party Hungry. We’ve all done it: not eaten all day so we can really gorge on the holiday dinner later.  This is often a fatal mistake, resulting in an incredible amount of overeating.  And newsflash: the saved calories during the day cannot even compare to what you just ate. Do yourself a favor this year. Eat breakfast, eat a smaller lunch, and treat the size of your dinner like it’s any other meal.

It’s Not About The Food. Come on, admit it, the holidays gives you the ultimate excuse to indulge – in drinks, high octane holiday cocktails, desserts, pies, chocolate, sugar everywhere. While many of us equate the holidays with the food, here is something that might be hard to hear. The holidays are not about the food, period. We’ve lost our sights on what the holidays really are about: feeling thankful, giving, being with family, being together. The food and drink memories will fade, the thanks (and extra pounds) will remain.


Go In Like A Warrior. Battle rarely occurs without planning. Plan ahead and know what food and drink situations you are going to be in. Will it be an enormous table laden with cookies, fondue, or marshmallowy side dishes? What will you be drinking that evening and how much? Have a mental game plan: “I will try one or two bites of Linda’s amazing melted brie and then I will graze the crudite.” The point is not to deprive ourselves, the strategy is to arm ourselves with a plan against an overload of temptation.

More tips coming, this is only the beginning! In the meantime, I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving filled with gratitude, fun and peace.

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