Three Beautiful Benefits of Eating As A Vegetarian

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With eating fads like the Paleo diet all the rage right now, you might wonder if eating a vegetarian, or mostly vegetarian diet, is the way to go.  After all, the Paleo diet advocates a high amount of protein from animal products – namely beef, eggs and chicken. Knowing that eating a high protein, high saturated fat diet can be hard on your kidneys and heart, a vegetarian diet might just be the better choice. Besides being a diet extremely high in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plant based sources of protein (think high fiber beans and protein heavy tofu), there are some other, shall we say, beautiful benefits to eating in a vegetarian way. Here are three reasons to consider turning your diet primarily vegetarian right now:

Your Skin Glows

Too many saturated fats and processed foods can reek havoc on your skin – something most women (and men) don’t need as they get older.  Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are full of antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, that help neutralize free radicals that can damage your skin.  Vegetarian diets are also higher in water to help hydrate your skin and reduce wrinkles.  Fruits and vegetables are made mostly of water. Snack foods out of a package? Not so much.

You Are Naturally Thinner

People who eat a plant based diet are naturally thinner because of what they eat. Fruits and vegetables are a low calorie, high bang for your buck foods.    The secret is in the fiber and water. These two non calorie gems fill you up, keeping you fuller longer so you are less hungry as the day goes on.  Throw them in smoothies, make a delicious side dish, eat them raw or cooked.  Thinner means more energy, less weight related health issues such as diabetes and heart disease and a chance to live everyday to its fullest. Every time you switch out a junky snack for a fruit or vegetable you are choosing a low calorie, high nutrient option in its place.

You Just Might Live Longer

Vegetarian diets are superior to the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is loaded with salt, sugar, saturated fats and a ton of chemicals.  A plant based diet full of vegetables, nuts, seeds, good oils, whole grains and plant based protein has been clinically proven to protect against heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a host of other health issues.  A plant based diet is more anti-inflammatory than traditional diets, more concentrated in phytochemicals and fiber – all important components of warding off disease. Lower risk of disease means we live a healthier happier life.

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