The Power Of Getting Day One Done

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I’m just going to spill a truth: the universe likes to trip up plans.


And it’s been a trippy couple of weeks for me, and my waters have certainly been tested. Just when things are going along nice and steady…bam! Something gets in front of your tracks and makes you slam on the breaks.

This summer, I got sidelined with a potential back issue that might also be an MS issue (I have both things to contend with and you can read more about that here) and the consensus was to try a potent medication to see if it would relieve any potential MS symptoms.

My intuition screamed at me not to try it. This was all a back issue, I argued with myself. But no back doctor would touch my back without ruling out everything else. I made the decision to try the five day medication.

The days leading up to it were the hardest. My emotions wanted to get in front of it all. I was scared of the side effects, I was scared I was needlessly taking a medication I did not need. I wondered what my house would look like. This medication, after all, promised to keep me up all night, scrubbing my floor with a toothbrush. Would I have the cleanest house in town?

The first day came and the nurse came over to show me how to administer the medication. And then do it again for four more days.

First day done.

Whatever big decisions we make, weather it be starting on the road to healthy eating, making the decision to lose weight, a new exercise goal, or even a new job, the first day will always feel the hardest – and the most accomplished. You did it, you wondered if you could do it, and you succeeded.

Two things I have learned from the power of getting day one done:

Learn A Cheer. It helps to be your own rowdy cheerleader and give yourself a huge pat on the back after this first big day. We are all so typically hard on ourselves, we need to be in our own corner.

A More Positive Mindset. The book Mindset seems to be all the rage these days, but what author Carol Dweck writes about resonates deeply with me. The difference between a fixed mindset (forget it, this isn’t working) and a growth mindset (I tried hard and I will try even harder next time), is the difference in success when coming up against a “day one” challenge.

What have your “day one” challenges been lately? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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