The Summertime Blues. How To Cure It.

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applesDon’t get me wrong, I adore summer. I despise the cold and, truth be told, don’t really feel like I’m living unless it’s hot and sunny out.

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

For years I have had the same familiar feelings. Come this time of year, mid August, I feel like I am being pulled in two directions. One part of me  feels like I didn’t do enough this summer (why did I waste so much time griping about  the house being cleaned or the dinner coming out on time? Why didn’t I throw more caution to the wind and just relax?) And the other side of me (if I have one more ice cream cone just because it’s a warm day I might explode!) that is itching for more of my routine, my structure with food, drink and sleep (and, okay, the kids to go back to school!).

I’m secretly longing for the days to get darker so I can stop waking up EVERY morning at 5:30.

So, as much as I love summer, I do look forward to taking back some control of my routine and well being.  September is always the ideal time for me to shed any summer weight (yes, many people gain more weight in the summer. Click HERE to see why),  and for years I have done my own “cleanse” – no alcohol, sugar, lots of sleep and good, nourishing food.

Besides, September is really the best time of year for vegetables. Farmers markets are bursting with produce right about now and it only gets better through September. What a great time to experiment and get creative with our food?

Every goal is better off accomplished when done with other people to support and cheer you on. I thought this September I would share with you my secrets, my game plan and my undying support to getting back on track.

Will you join me this fall? Click HERE for all the information on my 28-Day Real Food Cleanse.  No detoxing, no suffering, no punishment. Only fresh, delicious and whole. You won’t regret it.

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