Still Buying Store Bought Salad Dressing? Make These Instead

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The other day a reader wrote to tell me she was still using store bought salad dressings, and was in need of some inspiration.  As I looked into my recipes on my website, it dawned on me that I am lacking in the salad dressing department – so thank you for making me aware of this!


Why make your own salad dressing? Let me count the ways:

The Taste. Homemade salad dressing tastes superior over store bought any day.  There is not much better than using your own olive oil, choice of vinegars and fresh herbs.

The Choice of Ingredients. I have certain brands on olive oil that I love to cook with and make salad dressings and marinades with. I don’t want someone else’s version of a good oil, especially processed soybean oil, in my food. Same goes with vinegars, lemon juice or any other ingredient in my food.

So Many Unnecessary Ingredients. Do you know why store bought salad dressings have that just mixed look about them?  Thank an abundance of stabilizers and thickeners for that one. Yes, olive oil separates from vinegar, that is just the science of food. I am happy to shake my dressing before using, thank you very much.

Sugar Is Everywhere. I almost never add sugar to my salad dressings, why is it found in almost every store bought dressings? A totally waste of calories, unnecessary ingredient to make you come back for more.


So there you have it. I usually make a salad dressing once a week and store it in my refrigerator. I use it on greens, on top of roasted vegetables, as a dip or as a marinade. If homemade salad dressings weren’t so easy to make (both of these took my under 10 minutes) and didn’t take so good I wouldn’t be selling you on this, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Click HERE for my homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and HERE for a basic Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette. Then let me know in the comments below how they have changed your life for the better!

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