March Madness (Snack Attack Part 2)

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There is something that occurs every March at my house.  No, we are not all going crazy, though winter makes can make us feel that way.


It is the lull between deep winter and true spring.  College basketball has begun.

Here’s the funny thing.  I went to a big sports school (Go Orangemen!) and yep, you better believe I participated in being the most outgoing spectator there ever was.  But come graduation, my attraction to college sports pretty much fell off the map.

When I got married, sports started creeping slowly back into the house.  My husband is not a “watch sports all Sunday” kind of a guy.  We’ve got too much going on around here – ice skating rink, chickens, bees, the garden.  He earns his keep.

Until March Madness descends upon our house.  And then, watch out.

It actually is a perfect time of the year to hold the basketball championships. Still too cold to garden, or tend to bees, we are simply waiting for it to get warmer around here.  March Madness gives us purpose and something to live for besides the weather report and a 50 degree day.

My  husband can get pretty fanatical about it (so much so that he wrote his own blog post on his law website). Brackets are printed and handed out to the kids and me, to be diligently filled in. No money is exchanged, just a whole lot of glory if your team beats their team.


All this basketball watching means a lot of time sitting in front of the TV.  Sitting in front of a TV for really long periods of time can mean lots of time to snack.

Last week I declared that it was time to get back to business with snacks around here.  So I started in.  Last week was bites (so addictive!).  This week: granola bars, carrot cookies (grab these recipes!). A giant basket of fruit on the counter.  A reader had mentioned that her kids don’t even notice fruit unless it is cut up and placed in front of them. That frequently happens here too. More chopping, less displaying.  Whatever works.

The best thing about March Madness is that the end of it means the official beginning of spring at my house.  The rink comes down, the hut disappears, new packages of bees arrive, seedlings get planted. The TV finally goes off and we get outside.

What are some of your favorite family snacks?  Share in the comments below, we all need new ideas!

10 comments to " March Madness (Snack Attack Part 2) "

  • Thank you so much for the positive spin on March Madness, Heather. I am already palling an extended vacation next March so that I can leave my husband to his television set while I pursue something that ‘feeds’ me! My favorite snacks are raw nuts and seeds and lots of really good chocolate. xxoo

    • Heather Carey

      That sounds like a great idea! I might just do the same. Nuts and chocolate – two of my favorites too!

  • “March Madness” got me intrigued – is it like our football grand final season here in Melbourne – so different and yet so the same. I love this cultural exploration of diversity – all so good – what I read most is that sport does connect us on so many levels. Thank you for sharing Heather xx

  • Carrot cookies! Yummy!

    My favorite snack has always been chips and salsa. I get the freshly made, healthier version at Whole Foods. :-)

  • oh my gosh, heather – those “bites” look simply divine!

  • I’m also a huge college hoops fan, I’m getting ready to head to Indianapolis for the final four games! All my favorites are already out, so it’ll be all fun.

    I’m thinking maybe I need to whip up some of those granola bars so I can stay somewhat health in between the arena food and beer. The recipes look fabulous, thanks!

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