Lessons Learned From the Food Network

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Admit it. I know that many of you watch the Food Network.  And for most, it is the background noise that fills your house on a daily basis.

I don’t watch the Food Network – for reasons I will tell you below – but for the past day or two I took in some videos on the internet to see how cooking is done in front of a camera.  I was about to make some of my own cooking videos for my upcoming online Nutritious Delicious workshop and I wanted to see if I could get some tips from the experts.

I learned a few important things from watching, such as the amount of butter and lard Ree Drummond puts in her cowboy  meals and that Giada wears way too much makeup on television (which actually reminded me to wear more.  I have learned that the camera is not very kind).

Not only am I a nutritionist but I am a culinary instructor as well.  Watching the Food Network taught me a few truths about health and cooking  that I feel compelled to pass on to you so you can hopefully become the healthy foodie you were meant to be.

Peppers - woman cutting red pepperTelevision Is Not Real.

What is really going on is BEHIND the cameras not in front of it. There are takes and retakes, kitchen assistants and people cleaning up the dishes for Rachel.  Yes, it would be wonderful if we could just show up to our kitchens with everything prepped and set up on the counter, with someone there to wash every dish that lands in the sink.  Ahh, the bliss.  Cooking takes some work, planning and thought.  Not just showing up, smiling and leaving.  Does Ree really sit and smile all day long while making a five course lunch for twenty ranch hands all by herself?

You Can Never Learn on TV What You Can Learn in Real Life.

Which gets me to my next point.  Trust me, the shows you watch are edited, cut, clipped.  I know that, after taking hours of video of me cooking. Most all of it will be cut out and turned into a couple of videos that will only take minutes.  Do you ever see Giada burn the soup?  Or wonder why the couscous didn’t cook properly?  It is why I am so passionate about teaching cooking classes and learning in a real world kind of way.  Cooking is learned and anything learned needs to be put into practice on a daily basis.  Do you want to whip up easy meals like Ellie? Get in the trenches and cook!

Don’t Watch The Food Network, Be the Food Network.

Get up people and start cooking!  But please promise me, no Ree Drummond or Sandra Lee recipes.  If you are going to watch cooking shows at least print out some recipes and try them.  Real health takes real work.  it takes being in your kitchen and cooking your own food.  Less watching, more doing.

How do you feel about watching the Food Network?  Do you put what you watch into practice?  Leave your thoughts below!

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