It’s Fall and Time For Pumpkin Recipes!

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We are a mere two weeks away from the pumpkin holiday of the year, then onto to Thanksgiving, and pumpkin pies.


Did you hear about the pumpkin shortage we are about to have? My daughter urged me to run to the store and buy up all the canned pumpkin I could get my hands on (she adores pumpkin pie), so I started stocking up in case there really is a pumpkin famine this season.

You and I could make our own pumpkin puree.  Have you seen those small sugar pumpkins in the store? The ones that are featured in recipes such as Pumpkin Soup in Roasted Pumpkin Bowls? The ones that look great in magazines, but seriously, are you taking the time to serve your soup in a pumpkin bowl?


If you do run out of pumpkin puree here is the back up plan: Buy a couple of sugar pumpkins, slice off the tops (sharp knives please!) and then cut down the middle. Leave the seeds in and rub in some oil and a bit of salt.  Roast in the oven at 400 degrees, until soft on the inside. Scrape out the seeds and discard.  Then scrape out the insides. Place in a blender and blend. There, you now have your own pumpkin puree.

The takeaway? Pumpkins are not just for carving and pumpkin puree doesn’t just come in a can.  There is good use for pumpkin!

October sets off the shotgun start in my head to start cooking with pumpkin, and all sorts of winter squash for that matter. I love the natural sweetness and how it fills you up in a good way.  Or could be that it is getting just that much colder out and darker.  Whatever the reason, pumpkin, like all winter squash, is high in fiber, vitamin A, C, B vitamins, calcium, get the point. Add pumpkin into your meals ASAP!

I have been making this Pumpkin Spice Smoothie a couple of times a week lately and I am about to get going on making Pumpkin Overnight Oats for breakfast tomorrow. All this pumpkin prompted me to create this Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup. Check out the recipe HERE. It doesn’t get much more warming and filling than this.  Try it and let me know how warmed up it made you.


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