Getting Back On Track

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This is the last time you will see me use the word winter, or a picture of the snow, until 2016. Promise!

But, it’s been a long winter for me.

First, my back surgery in the fall (which went famously well by the way, it’s just with any surgery, there is a time of forced slow down and recovery.  I clearly didn’t like that!), the flu (I almost never get sick and I got the flu??), virtually drowning in snow, a touch of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.  A lack of sunlight will do that. Not easy to get outside when it is 15 and snowing most days!).


My garden should be just about ready to kick in to high gear. If only I could see it.

Sugar cravings, not sleeping well. It all needs to shift soon.

As I was cooking a slow simmering pot of Smoky Black Bean soup (delish! grab the recipe HERE), I thought that you might need some inspiration too.


Sign up HERE to receive my FREE 10 Days of Nutritious Delicious Inspiration, beginning March 13th.  Each day, you will receive a short and sweet email in your inbox from me, with motivational quotes, amazing little tips and enlightened recipes, all with the intention of getting us out of the winter rut and looking ahead to spring.  Will you join me?

I am ready for 10 days of inspiration, sign me up!

And in the comments below, tell me how your winter is going.  I know not all of you live on this side of the world or in my part of the USA but we call all relate to winter doldrums. Let’s commiserate together! And if you are in a warm sunny climate, tell me about that too, I want to hear about your inspiration.

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