From Winter To Spring – An Important Lesson From My Bees

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Happy Spring! Even though it actually snowed the other night where I live, just being able to say the words “it’s spring” makes me happy. I know what we are in for: spring vegetable planting, longer days, warmer weather and more energy.teaingredientsFor some of us, however, winter’s transition into spring might not be an easy one.  Winter, with its trapped inside, heavier energy, can be hard to shake.  We might be coming off illnesses or still have less energy. Maybe we spent the winter eating heavier foods or too much sugar.

I thought of my bees the other day and their transition during this time (yes, I am a beekeeper on the side). Every year, my bees emerge from their winter hives excited, as we all are, about the longer days and warmer weather.  Yet, hibernating in a hive for a few months with nothing but honey for food, makes them a bit war weary and exhausted.  We have lost many hives during this time of year because the bees try to do too much too soon and get themselves fatigued to the point of death.teastrainDon’t worry, this won’t happen to you.

It is a good idea, though, to point to nature for clues to our health and wellbeing.  The point being to take it slow with the transition into spring.  Freak snowstorms and spring colds still arise during this time to remind us that winter is not totally done with us.goldenteaI have learned from my many years of beekeeping that right about now is the time to start feeding our bees to help build their immune systems back up and keep them strong during this transition.  Same goes for us.  The bees get pollen patties and I look towards foods like immune building spices. Lately, I have been drinking this Turmeric Ginger Milk and I had to share with you.  Because turmeric is such a wonder spice – full of anti-inflammatory and immune building properties – it is something you might want to incorporate into your diet more often.  Actually, all the spices in this drink boost your immune system nicely.  Click HERE for the easy recipe, drink up and let me know what you think.

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