Five Ways To Feel Great This Summer

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Are you ready for summer? I’m not talking about the farmer’s markets and fresh peaches. I mean the extra trips to the ice cream parlor, the BBQ’s, the extra celebrations, vacations, and fun cocktails. For some, summer simply means lighter eating, more exercise, better rest. For most of us summer can be a real setback. Here are five ways to ease through summer with no regrets, all while still enjoying yourself.

Eat Seasonally. I live in a two season growing state, so when spring hits I am embracing everything in my garden. Everything tastes fresher in season and there is so many different herbs, greens, and other produce to enjoy and experiment with. Vegetables are a healthy eater’s dream – so little calories, so much flavor and nutrition. Try this Kale with Pine Nuts and Currants recipe to get you started with kale, one of my all time favorite greens.

Get Outside. After months of indoor exercise and cold weather, let’s get some fresh air! With our lack of real vitamin D, a little sunshine on your skin is the best way to up this nutrient. Walking or running are the obvious choices but what about jump roping, biking, swimming, and even gardening (my all time favorite)? You can read about my gardening obsession HERE and why I think it is so good for body and mind.

Dress Up Your Water. Hydration is key all year round, but even more important in the summer. Water is cleansing, helps rid our bodies of wastes, keeps our energy up, helps with hunger (when we are actually really thirsty) and helps transports nutrients. I am not a huge fan of plain water but if there is a sprig of mint and sliced cucumber, I am all set. Or, you can try this Cucumber and Watermelon Agua Fresca recipe, it is SO refreshing on a hot, steamy day.

Go Clean With Cocktails. For whatever reason summer gives us permission to indulge in massive amounts of fruity, sugary, high octane cocktails. I live in a beach town and we can be known for having an endless celebration down at the beach – nightly, if the weather is good. If you are going to indulge, do it the right way. We all know the bad effects of sugar so let’s not make it the main focus of summer. How about a club soda with vodka and a splash of pineapple (sprig of mint, of course)? Or check out this Jalapeño Watermelon Margarita recipe, it sounds delightful!

Have Your Signature BBQ Dish. How many dinner parties do you go to in the summer? If hamburgers, chemical laden hot dogs, macaroni salad and buns are not your thing have an plan of action and bring a dish or two to the party that you know are going to be filling, healthy and that you actually want to eat. This Spinach Parmesan Dip is a low calorie dream, and this Israeli Couscous Salad was my all time favorite of last summer. You can check out my other salad recipes HERE.

What are your strategies for surviving summer? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

Need more guidance this summer? Let’s talk. Send me an email and we can see how I can help you survive this season.


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