Five Ways To Ease Your Way Into The New Year

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Okay, it was a decadent holiday season. The eggnog, the rib roast, the cookies. How many bottles of “artisnal” whiskey did you receive this year as gifts? My husband got four. I guess whiskey is now a foodie trend.

Take a deep breath. Before you feel your scolding, finger wagging self pushing you to jump into The Whole 30 or join some gym you don’t even like, try these five tips to ease your way into 2017.

Nudge Yourself Back Into Your Routine. Forget vague resolutions (see above) that you will inevitably forget by February. Getting off course is part of being human. I would almost argue that it is what makes life a bit interesting. If we were always so “good” what would we have to strive for? The hard part is not beating ourselves up or punishing ourselves for one too many champagne cocktails – two weeks ago. Learn to let go of the inner critic and welcome the newness of this year. We all have the chance to create a clean slate.

Embrace Meal Planning. Before you say that you are no good at this, or you don’t have the time, I am here to tell you that if you want to make some changes this year, meal planning is a key skill to have in your tool chest. Will all the disruptions of the holidays, meal planning basically went out the window for me for a few weeks. It inevitably throws me off track with healthy eating. Meal planning can be as simple as sitting down on a Sunday with your computer and a grocery list, and figuring out a couple days worth of dinners. In my workshops or in private sessions we go very in-depth with learning how to make this a positive routine in your life.Eat With The Seasons. Sugar has no season. But acorn squash and butternut squash do. Part of the nice thing about winter is the abundance of delicious vegetables at our disposal that can take the place of the sugar high we were just on. Naturally sweet winter squash, along with slower cooked meals ground us and allow us to slow down. And rest now.

Embrace The Season. Listen, I adore the sun and the beach, but there is something about winter and the need to slow down and settle in, that is so appealing. I love to have quiet weekends to journal, read, contemplate life and deeply think about how I want this year to unfold. This is not the time to get judged or be critical with ourselves, we do enough of that already. It is a time to kick up creativity and explore all the possibilities of our lives.Expand Your Mind (and have fun!).  Winter can get dreary. I just signed up for a photography class so I can really up my game with the amazing (and complicated) camera my husband bought me and actually talk the talk with my photographer son. I have a stack of inspiring books I am planning on diving into (here’s a good list to start with) and outdoing last year’s goal of reading 26 books.  And I am ready to do winter differently this year with my Winter Rejuvenation workshop – a fun way to learn how take on winter’s challenges, through food, cooking and laughter (join me!)

How are you going to ease your way into 2017? Do you feel the pressure or the challenge to do this year right? Let me know in the comments below!

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