Seven Inspirational Cooking Websites

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RecipesCopyThis time of year can be a challenge for any home cook.  Not only are we slipping into the doldrums of winter (if you are lucky enough to live on the other side of the world, I will tell you that I am jealous!) where food doesn’t really feel like it has a season, we are being rushed, haggled, stressed and we are busy.

It’s one thing to make a nice pot of soup while watching the snow falling outside, it’s another trying to come up with one more creative dinner for your family when you know you still have to find a dress for the New Year’s party, get to one more party or entertain friends and family.

My creativity always seems to wane this time of year too, which is why I have some trusted websites, and some new ones I discovered this past year, that can help stir up the creative juices in the kitchen. Here are a couple that I go to time and again:

Nourished Kitchen. Okay, so I don’t agree with everything Jennifer McGruther eats but if you are into learning how to bake your own bread, or make anything truly homemade, she is your girl.  We do have one very important thing in common: eating real food.

Moosewood. The Moosewood Cookbooks have been sitting on my kitchen shelf for as long as I can remember.  These mostly vegetarian, truly reliable recipes are worth coming back to time and again.

Mark Bittman. Mark Bittman and I were cut from the same cloth as far as our philosophy on food: simply learn how to cook real food.  It will improve your health, your weight and your wellbeing.  His website has a decent collection of recipes but better yet, go buy yourself the book, How To Cook Everything.

101Cookbooks. Beautiful photos, easy to make recipes, all a win-win.

Smitten Kitchen. Another website full of beautifully photographed food (hey, we all need a little inspiration) and reliable recipes.

Pamela Salzman. Pamela just gets me.  She is a mom with picky eaters, a devoted home cook and an engaging story teller.  Plus she has good, dependable recipes.  Check her out.

The Kitchn. All sorts of useful advice, how to’s and good, reliable recipes for the home cook.

And of course there is always this blog for inspirational, nourishing recipes.  Click HERE to check those out.  Now I want to hear from you.  What websites do you frequent in your quest for healthy, inspirational recipes?  Leave a note in the comments below!


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