Feeling Under The Weather? Try This.

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I always hate to admit this, but I have been feeling under the weather. Sometimes, all the best eating in the world has no chance against a classic winter cold.

That doesn’t mean falling back on crappy comfort food or worse, not eating at all.  When I am not feeling well, my first thought is a big pot of chicken soup.

I do not chop onions without these onion goggles!

My Jewish grandmother was right.  Whether it is because I have such comforting memories of my Nani making Matzoh ball soup or because it is well established that chicken soup actually does have healing properties, I’m not complaining. Chicken soup is warm, brothy, and the kind I like to make is full of healing veggies and herbs. The best part? Making chicken soup is really a very quick endeavor. Once everything is simmering, it’s done in about 10 minutes.


This chicken soup not only has the obvious – chicken stock and chicken – there is also loads of onion, carrots, onion, garlic, fresh herbs (very anti-inflammatory!) and the best ingredient, fennel. It gives the soup a very fresh, early spring kind of taste. Delicious!


You must try it. Unfortunately, if you are like me, queen of the kitchen, you might need to go shop for the ingredients, chop and saute. Not exactly what you want to be doing when not feeling well. But I promise, this soup is worth it. Click HERE for the recipe…and feel better!