Breathe In, Breathe Out

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buddha-meditation-image-quote-pictureI got all Zen’d out (my made up slang word!)  this past weekend at Kripalau, a well known yoga retreat center in the Berkshire mountains, where I attended a nutrition seminar on food and mood.  Kripalau is a place to relax, rewind and reground yourself – lots of yoga, meditation, silent breakfasts, quiet.

If you asked me two years ago to go to Kripalau, I would have politely declined.  “I don’t do yoga.”  “Meditating is something I try to do every once in a while but I just can’t seem to get it off the ground.”  My back issues, my busyness, all holding me back from gaining traction in what I feel like are two extremely important areas of my life now.

After my back surgery in October, I vowed that I would make meditation a priority.  I knew from all my research and trainings that meditation helps with anxiety (certainly had that during recovery) and, in our distracted, crazy world we live in, letting our brain take a break could lead to less stress and more awareness and mindfulness in our everyday lives.

Sometimes, in order to gain momentum, you need a certain amount of openness to wonder that goes beyond studies and research. One door opens many.  But you need to open that first door.

I started with guided meditations (there is actually a few ways to meditate) and discovered I liked that. Sitting by myself in silence? Not so much.  I like a theme to focus on and a little music. Repeating a mantra to yourself helps – such as “Om” or, in the case of this meditation, I was repeating the other morning “Sheevo Hum” (sanskrit for “I am infinity”).   Some of the mantras sound a little silly and are difficult to pronounce, which makes it kind of fun too.

This morning, as I sat in quiet contemplation, trying to remember the mantra I was told to repeat “ahem prema” (sanskrit for “I am love”), my cat Marshmellow (note spelling, my daughters choice) started meowing.  Loudly. Every 5 seconds.  I quickly forgot the original mantra and my mantra became “meow”. I became afraid that she would silently pad in and jump on my lap, but I was determined not to break silence.  It became all too distracting, my thoughts about love and peace muddled with “meow” and “please let me outside”.

It’s okay.  I have learned that there is no perfection in meditation, just like there is no perfection in being a mother, the star student at school or the healthiest eater.  I am a work in progress. I will simply start again tomorrow.

And like the masters say: I will breathe in, breathe out.

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4 comments to " Breathe In, Breathe Out "

  • Heather- I am enjoying your posts. Great guidance for all of us trying to re-focus and re-deifine our efforts and direction with the arrival of spring and the re-birth it inspires. Best of all: your reminder that we are all a work in progress. Perfection is not instantaneous. It’s ok to zig zag!!

    • Heather Carey

      Hi Karen! Yes, it took me a long time to learn that perfection is an illusion, we all have to simply do our best!

  • Heather – your posts makes me feel “normal”. I really look forward to them and to your wise words. Thank you for being so open,

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