LEARN is the first phase of a journey to understanding what health and nutrition challenges we are faced with. Part of this important process of shifting our habits around food is recognizing that while change can seem overwhelming, we have support and positive encouragement. With Heather, learning is accomplished through counseling, coaching, and thought provoking personal work to get you thinking about where and how you want to make change. This is about lifestyle shifting and being an active participant in our health and healing.

We all have our stories around food. Food can mean nourishment, celebration, comfort and punishment. To make matters more complicated, there are hundreds of diet plans and food theories pouring out of books, magazines and the Internet. It’s no wonder that you might feel that you don’t have a clue as to where to even start. There is no one diet that is right for everyone; there is only a way to eat that is right for you – that makes you appreciate real food and makes you love to eat.

Everyone Needs Support

The road to changing your health and well being can be a solitary journey. We all need support and a cheering section. I help women who:

Are looking to lose the last ten, or twenty, pounds that have been creeping up on you year after year;

Have been diagnosed with a health issue that requires a big change in diet and need guidance in how to begin and maintain their new lifestyle;

Have a strong desire and motivation to change the way she eats because the time is now – you don’t want to face a health problem later that could have been prevented today;

Are ready for a genuine food and lifestyle transformation and know deep down that fad diets and quick fixes might be a temporary solution, but are not the way to change.

About Me

As a Culinary Nutritionist, I am on a mission to inspire fresh and creative ideas and solutions that can help you balance food, nutrition, health and lifestyle. I always strive to diffuse overwhelming nutrition information and boring diet prescriptions – two things that can barricade success towards healthy living. I believe that any change that comes from shifting nutrition and food goals should be inspiring and simple.

I Can Help You

  • Create a personalized action plan that is reasonable, attainable and sustainable. Your confidence in making shifts in your diet will increase greatly;
  • Get a handle on what the real definition of “healthy eating” is and help you untangle food beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you;
  • Find out what you love to eat and help build a list of foods that feed your body, as well as your mind

Here’s How I Can Help You LEARN

I offer unwavering support in a confidential, supportive environment.  My three month Empower Me! Plan can take you from overwhelm to a feeling a strength and control over your food.  Nutritious Kitchen Redesign 2.0 will support your endeavors in the kitchen.

Need a quick burst of inspiration?  Sign up for a Nutrition Empowerment Session and create a vision for your health with an action plan you can start today.

Have questions?  I am happy to talk about how we can best work together. Get in touch with me here.