Empower Me!
Nutrition Counseling Program

Feeling good should not be confusing.Bundle of fresh Kitchen Herbs

People tell me everyday, “I know what to eat, I’m just not doing it”. Making our health a priority is the first important step if we are going to lose weight, gain energy and overcome illness. I help clients located in Connecticut or virtually sort through the maze of food confusion and other physical and emotional contributors that stand in the way of feeling and being healthy.

I am not only a culinary nutritionist but a wife, mother of three busy teenagers and someone who lives everyday with a chronic illness. I have struggled with weight issues and felt the exhaustion from stress. I have made it my mission to help others manage their own health challenges and to appreciate the power of using food to heal in a nutritious, delicious way.

The Empower Me! program is a perfect fit if you:

  • are looking to lose the last ten, or twenty pounds, that have been creeping up on you year after year;
  • have been diagnosed with a health issue that requires a change in diet and need guidance in how to begin and maintain your new lifestyle;
  • have a strong desire and motivation to change the way you eat because the time is now – you don’t want to face a health problem later that could have been prevented today;
  • are ready for a genuine food and lifestyle transformation and know deep down that fad diets and quick fix diets might be a temporary solution, but are not the way to change.

With Empower Me! you will get:

  • an initial 90-minute session that will lay the foundation for your individual nutrition and food goals (my office or by phone/Skype);
  • 1-hour follow-up inspiring nutrition and goal oriented sessions;
  • a clear understanding of what to eat and how to put it into practice in your own kitchen;
  • a personalized eating plan, with recipes, created just for you and your individual needs;
  • unlimited email support in-between sessions to keep you motivated and empowered;
  • recommended lifestyle adjustments to encourage a lifetime of wellness;
  • access to my ebook 10 Nourishing Secrets (With Delicious, Nutritious Recipes!) To Getting More Energy, Less Stress and a Better More Healthful You.

How The Empower Me! Program Works

There is a minimum of a one-month commitment in order to focus on your success:winterrest6

1-month includes 2 two sessions (one 90-minute and one 60-minute session)
3-month includes 6 sessions (one 90-minute and 5 60-minute sessions)
6-month includes 12-sessions (one 90-minute and 11 60-minute sessions)

Your personalized plan might also include (for local only):

personalized health food store or farmers market tours;
private nutritious, delicious cooking lessons based on exactly what you need and want to eat;
individualized pantry and kitchen makeover that is suited for your lifestyle.


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Working with Heather

Working with my dedicated clients and my own experiences has proved to me that real, lasting change takes time. If you are ready to make big shifts, a commitment to your health, all while actually enjoying the process, then join me for a life changing experience. The Empower Me! Plan is a unique chance to dig deep and focus solely on you – and I help you every step of the way.

I am always here to talk more about you, your health and how I can help. Please drop me an email and we can set up a time to talk to see if one-on-one is a fit for you.

“Heather is a wealth of knowledge, filled with kindness, patience and her whole heart is in this. It’s so refreshing to work with someone that really gets health and has the true intention to get you to where YOU want to be! I’m so thankful to be connected with Heather and sincerely feel she has changed my way of eating, thinking and living a healthy lifestyle!”

Meredith, CT