Lose Weight Without Dieting

Lose Weight and Keep it Off

The diet industry has tricked you.

They want you to believe that you are a problem that needs to be fixed.

You are so much more than the latest fad.

I can tell you from experience that you do not need to go on another diet to lose weight (only to gain it all back, and then some). You simply have not learned the tools, strategies and skills that makes eating well a lifelong habit. When you have spent a years on and off diets food confusion can reign supreme.

I will teach you how to lose weight and keep it off, without counting points, tracking calories or suffering through rigid regimens that are impossible to follow.

This is Not Another Diet

One where you’re being told what to do or pressured to adhere to ridiculously strict guidelines around food.

I want you to feel great about the food you eat, and enjoy it in the process. I will help you discover a new confidence in yourself, finally in control of your weight and your life, by returning to a better relationship with your body and with food.

Let’s finally end the war with diets and make peace with food.

Nourish Your Relationship with Food

This isn’t going to be work the way a strict diet works; you’re going to be the one in control and making choices. Unlike traditional diets, that do not take you into consideration we will take a deep look at what you want your body, health, and weight to be. You will learn important skills and stategies to turn your thoughts of temporary dieting into a lifestyle you can actually maintain.




Six Steps to Food and Diet Freedom

Goals and Visions

Go from overwhelm to success as we rewrite your food story and get laser clear on your “why”.

Ditch the Diet

We’ll give your mindset a makeover regarding food and dieting and propel your momentum forward towards health success.

Joyful Eating

95% of diets ultimately fail. Learn to love real food again, eat with your

intuition and mindfulness.

Food Empowerment

With permission comes choice. Get clear on the best foods – for you – not for someone else’s diet.

Food and Healing

Discover the best foods to eat to support your weight loss or specific health conditions. Food is truly medicine.

Kitchen Confidence

Nourish certainty and master skills in the kitchen to maintain the healthy status quo. Get started with recipes, meal plans and useful guides.

Three Ways To Work with Me


This is all about you. In my three month coaching programs, you and I will tailor a plan just for you, including recipes based on dietary needs along with high touch personal guidance and support. You get all the benefits of the Self-Guided program plus personal recommendations and strategies.


Group Program

Lose Weight, Feel Great: 21 Day Healthy Kitchen and Cooking Challenge is an introduction into the EatFree concepts and where we put information into action. We meet on Zoom, in your kitchens, to talk and cook (or simply watch the demo).



November 5, 2020!


The six-week plan you are looking for, without guidance or support. Start right when you sign up. Includes a game plan, plan of action, a delicious book of recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and other important guides and essential tips to keep you on track.



Schedule A Free 30-Minute Discovery Session Call

And Learn How to Take Your Relationship with Food to the Next Level


"What’s important to know is that this is NOT a diet. This is a lifestyle and once you try it, you will never want to go back to the way you were eating before. I used to always want to lose that 20 pounds in two weeks. When I didn’t, I would get frustrated, give up and gain more weight! Heather taught me to take my time and go by my body and trust that I will lose weight as I am supposed to. This was something I found challenging (and still do sometimes) but I hear Heather’s voice telling me it’s ok and to take my time."

- Meredith N.

I’m Heather, and I Can Help You Get Your Body Back

How many more diets do you want to try, and fail at, because all they told you was how to lose weight for 30 days, then left you in the dark? How much money have you spent on expensive, ambiguous tests, only to end up more confused than ever? The EatFree Guided Transformation is a  journey through the six important steps to health and healing that are lasting and life-changing. Your peace of mind from knowing you are finally doing the right thing for your body and spirit is priceless. I’d love to talk, reach out below.





Have Questions? These Might Help.

How does The EatFree Guided Transformation work?
There are three ways to start: you may be okay with being on your own, and therefore can sign up for the self-guided program and begin right away. Or, you might want to join a group for additional support. In addition, the individual package is a great way to focus solely on you. If you have questions you can simply click on a “schedule a call” button to get in touch with me. We will then set up a time to get on an initial 30-minute Discovery Call to talk about your goals for your health and weight. If we both agree that EatFree is a great fit for you on an individual level, you will get sent some forms to fill out and set up a time for your first meeting.
What does the EatFree Guided Transformation entail?
EatFree is comprised of six sessions, each meant to build upon the next. It is a 6-week program. We will meet once a week. In between sessions, however, you will have some “homework” such as journaling prompts and mindful eating exercises. You will also have access to me via email or in a group to check in and stay accountable. EatFree addresses the often forgotten part of the diet industry – creating permanent habits and attitudes towards food so can finally lose the yo-yo dieting cycle.
I’m really busy right now and don’t know how much time I can give this program. Should I sign up?
I understand, we are all super busy. I have a feeling, though, if you are reading this, that your health is a big priority for you right now. You’ve had enough. Getting your health and body back takes a commitment and agreement to lean in to the process. All the busy in the world cannot replace your health and wellbeing. That said, the self-guided program could be a great option for you, to do at your own pace.
What are my options?
EatFree has three options for sign up -the Self-Guided, Group and the Individual. The Group and Individual are 6 session/6-week programs.  
Any other questions?
Please feel to reach out to Heather [email protected].