The EatFree Guided Transformation

Learn The Essential Skills To Making Healthy Eating Easy

You’re a smart woman. So why is it so confusing to figure out what to eat in order to lose weight and feel your best? I created an easy, step by step plan for food and cooking that transforms healthy eating into simple and delicious.

“I love cooking now, my motivation is that I feel so much better without preservatives and I plan ahead—eating only whole foods and a plant-based diet. You got me off to the right start – thank you!”

Joyce M.

The EatFree Guided Transformation Can Help You:


Ditch Your Diet

Learn how to thrive, eat great and lose weight using your own inner knowing (no willpower required!)


Discover The Joy In Eating

A personal eating plan that gets laser clear on what to eat for your health as well as enjoyment


Gain Confidence In The Kitchen

Develop the skills that takes the stress out of cooking and put the fun back in food


Nutrition information can be confusing, healthy, nourishing food and cooking should be easy. The six steps in the EatFree Guided Transformation take you on a journey to reaching your health goals in a powerful, yet easy to understand way. Skills learned now are skills you will have for life.


Take The First Steps To The EatFree Guided Transformation


Step 1: You Talk, I Listen

Get in touch with me to schedule your 20-minute Discovery call to dig deep into your nutrition concerns, where you are at and where you would like to be. We will see if we EatFree is the best fit for you and get you started.


Step 2: Sign Up For Your Nutrition Prescription

All EatFree packages begin with the Nutrition Prescription, the personalized 6-step roadmap that guides you towards healthy success. You get a detailed plan with action steps you can take right now.


Step 3: Join The EatFree Transformation

Whether it is the Essential or VIP package, we pick the plan that is best suited for you, your lifestyle and your needs.


As a woman and mother, I more than understand food overwhelm. After spending almost my entire life on a “diet” of some sort, and after years of losing, gaining and beating myself up over it, I got wise to the diet industry and said no more.

Even many nutritionists can’t figure this out. Anyone from health professionals to diet quacks can tell you how to lose “30 pounds in 30 days”. The challenge is losing weight, keeping it off and staying healthy all at the same time.

I had a lot of training on my side. A master’s degree in clinical nutrition and chef’s training from cooking school. Yet, I had a lifetime of ingrained habits of how you “should” lose weight coupled with the juggling of a growing family and career. My life had led me down a road of mindless eating and an extra 20 pounds.

Then, I discovered the secret to success – losing and keeping off the weight as well as gaining my energy and health back at the same time. And, once I learned that secret to being healthy, and at a weight that I am satisfied with, I realized that it’s not just about counting calories or drinking a daily green juice, I discovered something that will never be found from the next fad diet.

Does This Sound Like You?

The EatFree Guided Transformation is a comprehensive program that  takes my years of working with many women just like you, who are frustrated and just want their bodies back. You likely feel discouraged that what worked for you in the past is no longer working for you now. And you begin to feel even ashamed that you just can’t figure this healthy eating thing out.

I created the EatFree Guided Transformation so you too can realize that feeling great and looking your best is not just about chasing points or the numbers on a scale. The internet is confusing. Fad diets are punishing. Your food, and how it affects your weight, your energy, your stress and your health, should be simple and crystal clear. I help you with all that.

When You Join Me For The EatFree Guided Transformation You Will:

  • Learn proven, science-based ways to stick with your weight loss and health goals as well as your long-term vision of your healthiest self. You will learn to understand fact over fiction when it comes to nutrition and how to master your mindset for success.
  • Understand exactly what, and how, to eat for you.  Not according to somebody’s fad diet on the internet. There are many different ways to eat, we discover the best for you.
  • Gain the simple tips and tricks to making healthy food taste great. No more chicken and salad ruts. I show you the secrets to moving beyond cooking fear so preparing your own meals becomes effortless.

I know you don’t want to be on the yo-yo dieting bandwagon anymore, trying diet after diet, only to lose then gain it all back. I will help you get clear on healthy eating so you can finally win the weight loss and health game, for good.

Sign up for the EatFree Guided Transformation today and do it differently this time. You are worth it.

“Heather is a wealth of knowledge, filled with kindness, patience and her whole heart is in this. It’s so refreshing to work with someone that really gets health and has the true intention to get you to where YOU want to be! I’m so thankful to be connected with Heather and sincerely feel she has changed my way of eating, thinking and living a healthy lifestyle!”

Meredith N.

The Plans and Your Investment in You

How much is your frustration and desperation for an easy solution to your weight and health costing you? How many more diets do you want to try, and fail at because all they told you was how to lose weight for 30 days then left you in the dark? How much money have you spent on expensive, ambiguous tests, only to end up more confused than ever? The EatFree Guided Transformation is a 90-day journey through the six important steps to health and healing that are lasting and life-changing. Your peace of mind from knowing you are finally doing the right thing for your body and spirit is priceless.

Please contact Heather if you would like to set up an installment plan.

“I can’t tell you how happy I did your program. I enjoy cooking again and that means so much to me. An added benefit of doing conscious meal planning and preparation is that by Saturday morning, my refrigerator is empty. I don’t have a lot of wasted left over food and it makes cleaning my refrigerator all that much easier. It’s a very efficient way to eat actually. Its recipes like these that I thoroughly enjoy eating and preparing.”

Pam C.

Have Questions? These Might Help.

How does The EatFree Guided Transformation work?

First, simply click on a “schedule a call” button to get in touch with Heather. We will then set up a time to get on an initial 20-minute discovery call to talk about your goals for your health and weight. We will then come up with a starting plan for you.

I have decided to sign up, what's next?

Heather will send you her detailed Nutrition, Health and Kitchen form to fill out. Once that is completed and sent back we will set up our first meeting – a 90-minute goal and vision setting session. Heather will then provide you with her Nutrition Perscription, which lays out your personalized plan for the next 3 months.

Can I upgrade to VIP after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade after signing up. If you are not ready yet for the VIP package but change your mind after our first session that is okay.

Why work with a nutritionist versus just buying the latest diet book or checking out the internet?

Heather’s philosophy on food and nutrition is different than what you will get out of any diet book on the market or from nutrition “guru” on the internet. Diet books or the latest fad diet are intended to have you follow a strict set of rules for a limited amount of time. Heather’s strategy helps you set up your own guidelines on your own terms, taking into account your specific health issues and lifestyle. So much more goes into a successful health transformation then a “one size fits all” plan and Heather is there with you to guide and support you every step of the way.

What is the difference between a health coach and a culinary nutritionist?

Heather’s has a chef’s certification from the Natural Gourmet Institute, the premier cooking school for health-supportive cooking.  She also has a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from New York University, a rigorous three-year program from one of the top schools in the country for cutting-edge nutrition. Most health coaches only have an online certificate from an establishment with no credentials.


I believe that learning what to eat for your individual needs and cooking with both mindfulness and ease are two of the most important skills you can master. I also believe that our history around food, our weight and our well being runs deep. During our time together I will give you all the time, and heartfelt listening, you need to tell your story so we can successfully navigate your journey and goals together.

If you are struggling with a specific food-related health issue, are ready to lose the last ten (or more) pounds, crave more energy, and desire a real way to eat, I can help you create an effortless system and the simple skills to learn how to feed yourself and your family delicious, wholesome food in the midst of a busy, full life.

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