Corporate Speaking & Cooking Team Building Activities

Team Building Events At The Green Palette Kitchen

You know what they say: the team who cooks together, works well together. Gather your small group in the Green Palette Kitchen to create a healthy, delicious meal that you can feel good about. Or gather together for a relaxing evening while I do the demo/cooking. Leave inspired and motivated to replicate the recipes at home.

Please click HERE for examples of cooking classes and contact Heather for more details and to personalize your experience in the kitchen.

Lunch and Learn At Your Office

Let me bring the presentation to you! Lunch and Learn’s are a great way to gather your team and learn about a variety of topics that pertain to feeling your best at work, and in life. Talks are typically 30 minutes, accompanied by a food demo and plenty of time for Q and A. Topics might include:

Past Presentations

Edible Wellness: How To Eat To Feel Your Best
Mindful Eating in a Distracted World
Healthy Cooking Tips and Secrets
The Secrets To Losing Weight and Keeping It Off For Good
Eating Clean in a Dirty World
How To Break The Sugar Habit In Five Easy Steps
Healthy, Nourishing Comfort Foods
Clearing Up The Healthy Food Myths
Secrets of a Healthy Chef
Managing Stress Through What You Eat
The Food and Mood Connection
Successful Strategies For Healthy Weight Loss
Keeping Your Immune System Strong This Season
Easy, Quick and Healthy: Stress-Free Meal Solutions
Cracking The Food Label Code

Past clients have included:

William B Meyer Inc.
IConn International
Taunton Press/Fine Cooking Magazine
Wakeman Town Farm
Fairfield Fitness for Women
The Hitachi Corporation
Southport Congregational Church
Southport Racquet Club
Saugatuck Rowing Club
Fairfield Public Library
Westport Historical Society

Please contact Heather for rates and to learn how to personalize your wellness event at your office.

No More Boring Team Building Events

Coming together in the kitchen to prepare a nourishing meal can be a very bonding experience – encouraging problem solving, creativity and fun! You will learn new skills, get nudged out of your comfort zone of cooking and be encouraged to try new flavors and textures in a whole different way.

The philosophy of the Green Palette Kitchen is to make healthy cooking clear and easy to understand so it doesn’t feel like a chore.  Knowing what and how to eat is one thing. Learning how to prepare healthy foods to make them taste delicious is the end goal.  The Green Palette Kitchen covers all that for you. We emphasize lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and healthy proteins.