Ready to become a rockstar meal planner?

Before I embraced meal planning, my eating habits were not the best.

Yes, I knew a lot about eating healthy foods and I knew how to put a meal together. But too many times of “what’s for dinner?” at 6pm meant too many times of ordering takeout, or eating something on the run.

My motto? Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail.

Meal planning might seem like a chore, but any successful meal planner will tell you that mapping out your weekly meals, your grocery list and recipes saves you tons of time in the long run. You, and your family, end up eating better, becoming more aware about food and making better choices. It’s a win-win.

Class is March 27th 6:30pm and is limited to 6 people so sign up soon! 


In Sunday Solutions You Will:


The Secrets To Quick and Easy Meal Planning

We don’t need more busy, meal planning saves you tons of time and I show you exactly how I successfully meal plan week to week


Grocery Shopping Secrets

Never again walk into a grocery store more than one to two times a week


Key Resources, Apps, Recipes and Websites

I have scoured the internet for the best, and easiest resources out there. I share them here


Recipes For Your Repertoire

Learn, cook and try some of my favorite weekly recipes that never go out of style


Cookshops teach hands-on, healthy cooking skills in a non-intimidating way. Cooking can feel stressful, Cookshops help simplify the process

  • The healthful cooking classes at the Green Palette Kitchen are held in the brand new, state of the art teaching kitchen at 71 Old Post Road, Southport
  • Class is Tuesday March 27th @ 6:30pm and is limited to six people. If you are interested in your own class, please email Heather and we can set up a date.
  • Classes are approximately three hours and are  $147/per person
  • Cookshops classes are a combination of hands-on learning and demonstration and you will learn three, seasonal whole foods based recipes.
  • At the end of the 3-hour lesson (which include tasting/eating, lively discussion and having a fun time!) you will take home a packet of the recipes, and any other important handouts.
  • Come hungry! You will be eating the food we prepare. If there is enough leftover, you are welcome to bring some home.


As a culinary nutritionist, I know first hand the benefits of homemade, wholesome food.

But, as a mother with three teenagers, a busy career, family obligations and health concerns, I can certainly relate to the strong desire to making the household meals as healthy as can be. As CEO of the family kitchen, I understand the pressure to make sure everyone is well fed, including myself.

Although  I grew up surrounded by a couple of great cooks, no one handed me the manual on how to streamline healthy dinners for a family of five. I think it goes without saying that cooking and eating-in more puts us more in charge of our health and what we eat. I want to teach you what took me years to learn: how to streamline my kitchen and food so I experience less stress, more joy, and better health.  I am on a mission to help you get back into your kitchen and realize the delicious impact that nourishing, whole food can have on your health and your peace of mind.

Have questions? Please send me an email, we’ll set up a time to talk. I look forward to hearing about your experience!

“I was ready to get started with working with Heather, it’s been a long time coming! I can’t believe the number of processed foods/sugar I was eating! It was scary. I was always afraid that cooking would be too much work to do and I didn’t have time but it is so worth it! I feel so much better after I eat and I now know exactly what is going into my food and body.”