Clueless In the Garden
Organic Vegetable Gardening Classes

Organic Gardening in Connecticut


When you live in a world of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides and ingredients you cannot pronounce, the interest in knowing exactly where our food comes from increases a great deal. You, as a lover of fresh, wholesome food, know that anything picked from the garden has to be better than what comes out of a grocery store. It looks better, it tastes delicious.

No more CSAs or scheduling time to get to the farmer’s market – it’s all outside your door.

Sounds fantastic. If only you knew where to begin. Start here by signing up for Clueless in the Garden, an interactive consultation located in Connecticut that will take you out of garden confusion and into plant empowerment!

Clueless In The Garden Is Perfect For You If:

  • your interest in local food and pesticide free food is something you can’t ignore;
  • you want to start a garden but have questions about where to start it, what you need and how to begin;
  • the thought of walking outside to pick your own salad greens for dinner thrills you;
  • you always thought tomatoes picked right off the vine was a luxury, not a right.

In This Two Session Package I Can Help You:

  • discover the health benefits of raising and growing your very own local, organic food;
  • set up your very own workable vegetable garden that is practical for you. I can also help you decide what fruits and vegetables would be best, and easiest, for you to plant considering your time and space limitations;
  • show you how to plant, cultivate and harvest the bounty of your garden;
  • learn what to do with all those bumper crops of fruits and vegetables – I can teach you how to cook, freeze, can or dry your food.
  • Special add on sessions: let’s go to the garden store and pick out your seedling plants and supplies, together!

About My Journey With Organic Vegetable Gardening

I have learned a great deal over the 20+ years I have been gardening, but one thing stands true: there is nothing like seeing all your hard work result in a juicy red tomato or a bunch of crisp green kale from the garden. I have learned that gardening is a soul searching process. There is something deeply comforting in knowing where your food comes from, carefully planting seeds, and growing and tending to plants. It makes it all worth the effort.

Have questions? Send me an email, I would love to talk vegetables with you!

Please note: this service is available in Spring or Early Summer only.