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The Healing Benefits of Collagen


In the quest for health and wellness, navigating the supplement industry can be overwhelming. During my latest podcast episode, I sat down with Sheri Geoffreys and Gina Gallagher, co-founders of Yonder, a company dedicated to providing grass-fed collagen and organic mushroom coffee. They shared their personal journeys and shed light …

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What’s Good About Menopause?

gifts of menopause

In all honesty, the menopause transition can feel like a roller coaster of hell for many women. My journey through menopause has been wrought with a good amount of confusion and a return to that feeling of being my 12-year-old self, half excited and half full of dread of what’s …

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Your Kids Health Starts with You

teen weight loss

We all want our kids to be their healthiest and at a weight that feels good to them. You likely know by now that weight and health issues can go hand in hand, but what about weight and vanity? Or, extra weight and other beliefs like laziness or lack of …

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Master Your Diet Mindset For Weight Loss Success


The other day I spoke with mindset coach Cristina Ramirez on the Real Food Stories podcast and got her perspective on what mindset is exactly and how living in a growth mindset is essential to goal setting, particularly when it comes to losing weight, and keeping it off. No one …

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Are Seed Oils Really Bad For You?

seed oils

In my last podcast about the secrets of flavoring your healthy food,  I talked about using oils/fats as a flavor enhancer and not to worry about the controversy surrounding seed oils. Why? Because there is no hard evidence against using seed oils and because the wellness industry is always looking …

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