The Green Palette Kitchen


Step into the kitchen and begin a journey into the love of cooking! Join our group of health aware individuals who want to up their game in the kitchen, without spending a ton of time.  At the Green Palette Kitchen you will learn simple ways to eat fresh, healthy, seasonal foods.  We will discuss time save equipment you should never live without, cook, taste and chat about how certain foods have a positive impact on your health and well being.  It is the mission of the Green Palette Kitchen to demystify healthy cooking and make it practical and accessible for you.

The Green Palette Kitchen offers:

  • Monthly Cooking and Conversation Groups
  • Cooking For Families Dinner Delivery
  • Private Cooking Lessons and Cooking Parties

Click here for all the details and the upcoming class schedule.

Reset and Renew – 21 Day Nourishing Cleanse For Real Life Women

Fresh_JuicesHas “tired and uninspired” become your mantra?  Spring is the perfect time to rest your wellness guage and start anew.  For 21-days you will learn to lighten up your eating, with fresh, inspiring recipes, menus and unwavering support. We are going to gently shift away from potentially allergenic, inflammatory and overall unhealthy foods and focus on fresh, flavorful, whole and enjoyable. You will begin to see food as energizing and vibrant. And I will be right there guiding you every step of the way.

The Cleanse begins April 23rd for three weeks.  Please click HERE for more details and to sign up.

Clueless In The Garden

Plant in female handsWhen you live in a world of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), pesticides and ingredients you cannot pronounce, the interest in knowing exactly where our food comes from increases a great deal. You, as a lover of fresh, wholesome food, know that anything picked from the garden has to be better than what comes out of a grocery store. No more CSA’s or scheduling time to get to the farmer’s market – it’s all outside your door.

Sounds fantastic.  If only you knew where to begin. Start here by signing up for Clueless in the Garden, a one day workshop, May 17th 10am-12pm.  Please click HERE for all the details and to sign up.

 The Nutritious Delicious Journey

Pumpkin, paprika and broccoli

The Nutritious Delicious Journey is coming September 2014!

The Nutritious, Delicious Journey is a hands-on experience of renewal, awareness and connection around our health and the place it all starts: the kitchen.  After our 21 days together you will:

  • Know exactly how to eat – for you.  We will get rid of the hype around certain foods.
  • Hone in on your own personal goals for your health, weather it be to heal, or prevent, a specific medical condition.
  • Learn how to set up your kitchen with awareness and create a healthy, flavorful pantry.
  • Become a meal planning super star and be armed with a reliable repertoire of simple delicious recipes.

Details coming soon!

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