The Recharge 21-Day Fall Clean Eating Challenge

 Delicious Health. Peace with Food. Enjoyment. This Is What Clean Eating Is All About.

 I know you (just like me) have your stories to tell of carefree days when weight wasn’t an issue and you could eat with reckless abandon, never gaining a pound. Or, maybe you have always had an emotional attachment to food and sugar became an instant best friend.

You might have resolved to regroup after the summer, knowing the last couple of months were carefree and full of trips to the ice cream store and other celebrations. Nothing wrong with that – until you realize it’s time. Time to get back on track, take a look at how you feel about your weight and health and start again. We can always start again.

I am a clinical nutritionist and whole foods chef, and even I had to finally learn the right way to eat and understand that my cravings and food choices were so much more than just hunger. Once I did, I lost the last of my unwanted 20 pounds, upped my energy quotient and gained a new appreciation for the connection to my health and what I choose to nourish  myself with. It has paid off in many enlightened ways.

Consider September your new January. Fall is the perfect time to start over – in a nonrestrictive, delicious, healthy way. Done with the fast pace of summer, now is a chance to regain that lost energy, lose some unwanted pounds and actually feel okay about going into the holidays and back to a schedule.

Welcome To The Recharge 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge! We Begin The Journey September 28th 2017

What Is Clean Eating Anyway?

Social media, health coaches, fad diet gurus and even celebrities have schooled you in all the buzzwords – detoxing, cleansing, juicing, souping, the paleo diet, raw foods, vegan – the list goes on. Some vow quick, “effortless” weight loss (that you will likely gain back) and almost all make you feel like you have to suffer in order to eat better.

As a clinical nutritionist and whole foods chef, I can tell you first hand that this is not what eating clean is about.

What we choose to nourish ourselves with should energize you, up your health quotient and most important, taste delicious.

The Recharge 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge is entirely different from anything else you have tried. For the next few weeks we crowd out overly processed, heavy foods and replace them with lighter, brighter, totally satisfying real food. You will not be hungry or exhausted or moody.

And here is the key difference. Most clean eating diets simply are just that. A diet with a list of foods and recipes. We go deeper as I show you the real science behind switching our mindsets around food, and give you real proven evidence on what to eat for your health as we look at the behaviors and habits that might be holding you back from succeeding at weight loss and healthier eating in the first place.

The result? Peace around your new way of eating, totally satisfying meals, a new found permission to enjoy what you are eating and a deep awareness of why eating clean, whole foods is the best way to eat.

The Recharge 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge Is Perfect For You If:

  • The summer has been laden with a few too many trips to the ice cream store and burgers on the grill – inspiration is in order!
  • You want to finally know what you CAN eat, you’re tired of the internet gurus telling you what you can’t eat.
  • You want to know how to make healthier eating a purposeful part of your life and start supporting yourself – physically as well as emotionally.
  • You are secretly curious to know how to properly pronounce the word “quinoa”.

The Recharge 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge Might NOT Be For You If:

  • You feel like you have to starve, suffer or punish your way into losing weight and feeling energized (bonus secret: that’s not how it works in the long run!).
  • You need to have an “expert” tell you that the next few weeks will not be easy, and even uncomfortable. You’re used to having to tough it out.
  • You want someone else to do all the cooking. prepping and juicing. One goal here is to take back your kitchen in a planned out, streamlined way.
  • You are in the habit of losing and gaining weight repeatedly and want to do that again here. I teach you the skills to keep it off for good, not for a few weeks.

What You Will Get With The Recharge 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge


A real food guide full of delicious, nutritious recipes and an easy to understand meal plan.


No need to worry about guidance, I give you all you need for success: a detailed shopping guide and daily plan of action to execute dinners and all other meals


Stocking your pantry, important kitchen equipment, list of quick snacks and other essential guides to run a streamlined kitchen


Clarity on what, exactly, processed, inflammatory foods are and how they hinder our health and weight loss goals


The real life secrets to starting over: how to lose weight and keep it off, cravings, eating with intention and the secrets to steady, even energy.


A private forum to ask questions to me and to the group in between calls. I offer unwavering support as we share our successes, face chanlleges or post ideas for each other.

There Are Two Options For The Recharge 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge!


We all need support. Ready to make a significant change in your life? Personalize your goals and stay accountable with the VIP option. Get all the benefits of the Essential Challenge (see below) PLUS an extra week of clean eating recipes and action plan AND TWO 30-minute laser coaching sessions (live, phone or Skype) with Heather while you are participating in the Challenge. Here we clarify goals just for you, and rally behind your progress.


Once a week receive a brand new packet of creative, delicious, clean recipes in your inbox, complete with a weekly meal plan and a detailed daily game plan as to how to successfully execute your next 7 days. For three Tuesdays, we will gather on a  group call to discuss important topics that relate to eating well, feeling great and truly enjoying ourselves at the same time. During the week, we will have an opportunity to ask questions and communicate in our private forum.

Some More Important Details of the Recharge 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge

  • The Challenge begins Thursday September 28th and you will receive some preliminary information and recipes to get you set up and ready to go for the following weekend.
  • Our first coaching call will be Tuesday October 3rd and for the next two Tuesdays after that. If you cannot make a call, no worries! The calls are recorded for you to listen to anytime.
  • All the handouts, recipes and information are yours to keep – for life. You will always be able to refer back to everything I give you.
  • All the information, call-ins and our private forum will be held on the Ruzuku platform, a totally user friendly website that is easy to navigate around.
  • If you ever have any questions or concerns, always email me and I will get back to you right away.

About Heather Carey, MS

I used to spend years stressed out,  wondering why I would blow it all through the summer. I would come up with  unreasonable, vague resolutions to make up for what I did, only to forget about it all as fast as I made them. Over the years, I learned the secrets to meal planning and getting super creative with simple healthy foods so that when I was ready to get back on track, I had a plan of action and a good idea of what real, unprocessed food could actually taste like – delicious! In my Recharge Clean Eating Challenge I walk you through three weeks of nutritious, creative eating that not only tastes great, it is also so good for you. This is no haphazard “diet”. As a trained clinical nutritionist and chef I give you all my skills that I use on a daily basis to stay motivated, and even excited, about eating, especially because I know how good it can make you feel. Ready to feel energized and alive, while ending the suffering and punishment that comes from detoxing and other trendy diets? The Challenge begins ONLINE September 28th. Have questions? I am always available to get on the phone for a chat. Email me to make a date, Can’t wait for you to join me!

What Past Students Are Saying…

Heather is a wealth of knowledge, filled with kindness, patience and her whole heart is in this. It’s so refreshing to work with someone that really gets health and has the true intention to get you to where YOU want to be! I’m so thankful to be connected with Heather and sincerely feel she has changed my way of eating, thinking and living a healthy lifestyle!”
Meredith N.

Since starting Reset and Renew I feel great! Lighter, better complexion, less joint pain – definitely feel better.  I ate foods I previously thought I didn’t like (such as beets) and found them to be delicious.  I also had used ingredients I had not used before, it definitely expanded my food horizons.  I had very little food cravings and felt very satisfied throughout.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to a friend.  The whole program is very well organized, the recipes are delicious and easy to follow.  Overall, it was excellent, so happy that I participated!
Sally O.

I was concerned about signing up at first because of the timing and prior commitments, along with a busy work schedule.  But since I started Reset and Renew I have learned how to read food labels and cook with ingredients that I have not used before.  Overall, I loved the tasty recipes along with the menu and shopping lists.  I have become very aware of processed foods and how they make you feel, it’s been a great mind reset!
Bridget S.

Since starting Reset and Renew I have taken on more home cooking and as a result, feel less tired and not as hungry. It was a great adventure in food! This workshop has introduced me to wonderful foods and how to get better at meal planning. I would absolutely recommend this workshop to friends or family. Many thanks for all your hard work and organization!
Anne D.

I was a bit concerned to sign up for Reset and Renew because I didn’t want it to be another crash diet that I would rebound from. But since starting I have been eating more whole foods and thinking a lot more about what I buy. All the recipes were fantastic! Through the workshop I felt more able to stop and think about what I was eating. It put me on the road to weight loss. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone. It was so informative with a warm group and leader.
Nancy W.

“I’d like to thank you for your program, I really appreciate the time you spent guiding me through it. The fact that it has structure and yet is flexible was exactly what I needed to start, and you made it super easy to follow! I’ve learned a lot not just about food and meal prep, but I feel like some of the tools can be carried into almost every facet of my hectic life. Life is so much easier with a little planning. Of course that seems like common sense, but sometimes work, home, and a lack of taking the time for me get in the way. More importantly than the food I was eating, is the realization that I’m a pretty good talker, and that just because I know something doesn’t mean I’m actually doing the right thing. The recipes in your program are really great. I’ve always liked to cook, but wasn’t making the healthiest dishes for sure. Also, finding pockets of time throughout the week to prepare things has been huge for me. Thank you for providing all the necessary info to succeed with and for making me more aware of my actions and their consequences.”
Debbie C.