The Nutritious, Delicious Journey

The Nutritious, Delicious Journey: 21 Days to Vibrant Health, Wellbeing and Kitchen Confidence

What would it be like to start each day with renewed energy and a feeling of creative inspiration in your kitchen? How would it feel to choose food according to how it tastes and what you intuitively know your body needs – because you’ve learned that healthy food can not only taste delicious but can actually save you time? It all starts here.

I am Heather Carey, a clinical nutritionist and chef (or culinary nutritionist) who is confident in knowing that if we are to make positiveHeatherCOOK copy steps towards our health and wellbeing, food should not only be healthy and nourishing, it also has to taste great and be simple to prepare.  Your food should never be an obstacle to feeling your best.

And we all know that food is something we need to nourish ourselves with everyday.  It is a crucial part of feeling energized, happy and healthy.

What is the Nutritious, Delicious Journey?

The Nutritious, Delicious Journey is a hands-on experience of renewal, awareness and connection around our health and the place it all starts: the kitchen.  The Journey starts on November 7th for 3 weeks (not LOCAL? The ONLINE class is coming this Fall!).  After our 21 days together you will:

  • Know exactly how to eat – for you.  We will get rid of the hype around certain foods and embrace the best that nature has to offer.
  • Hone in on your own personal goals for your health, whether it be to heal, or prevent, a specific medical condition.  Looking for less stress or to lose those last ten pounds? We’ve got you covered.
  • Learn how to set up your kitchen with awareness and create a healthy, flavorful pantry.
  • Create an arsenal of gadgets, tools and equipment that can save you precious time in the kitchen.
  • Become a meal planning super star.  Never again will you wander the grocery aisles baffled by what to purchase.
  • Be armed with a reliable repertoire of nutritious, delicious recipes that are simple and easy to create.

The results of the Nutritious, Delicious Journey:

  • A renewed sense of energy, less stress, a clear plan for health and a richer awareness of what works for us and our bodies as women and as individuals.
  • Total confidence in our ability to make healthy changes that last.

The Nutritious Delicious Journey is perfect for anyone who:

  • has every intention of making some healthy changes this season but feels overwhelmed with how to begin;
  • goes to Whole Foods and buys two big bunches of the purple kale because not only does it look pretty, you know you “should” be eating it.  What to do with it?  That’s another thing;
  • has lots of cookbooks filled with beautiful pictures of impossible to make meals that never get made;
  • is seeking to heal a vexing medical condition that you know can be helped by changing your diet. It’s the how, why and where that gets confusing.**

The Journey might not be for you if:

  • You want to be tracking, counting calories or talking about the latest diet that you just have to try that has no basis in science.  We will be talking about eating real food that works for you and that supports your desire for more energy, less stress and and feeling fit.
  • You are afraid you will be overwhelmed with information on nutrition and what to eat.  There are simple, easy, time saving steps to enhance your health, and I will show you how.

“The best part of the Journey was the overall feeling of being inspired to make a change and a feeling that it is possible. I feel EMPOWERED!!” – Samantha M.

Here’s a taste of what you will get when you sign up for the Nutritious Delicious Journey:

Pumpkin, paprika and broccoli

Week 1 Get Ready, Get Set, Go. Taking The Leap Onto The Health Wagon What exactly does it mean to be healthy?  If you are like most people, the answer can be entirely different from one person to the next.   One day it’s the Paleo diet, then it is the 3-day detox juice cleanse, or is it the Mediterranean diet?  We will spend this first session clearing up misconceptions and the confusion around healthy eating and get clear on how to eat – for you. Words like anti-inflammatory, GMO’s and gluten-free will get clear definitions and a knowing if they deserve a place in our nutrition tool kit. Being an individual means we all have different genetic makeups, family history, food memories and healthy issues.  We will spend time talking about where we are with our health and where we want to be, all within a supportive group environment.  

Week 2 It Takes a Kitchen: Setting Up The Most Important Room in Our House A vital aspect of learning about health, food and how to nourish ourselves is being prepared. No successful endeavor goes off without a hitch unless you are equipped to move forward.  It is time to become friendly with your pantry and start treating it like a true member of the kitchen.  In this week, we will learn:

  • To create a natural, whole foods pantry filled with nourishing, pleasurable foods;
  • What whole foods are and introduce the best pantry staples and equipment for you in order to make preparing and cooking healthy meals as easy as possible.
  • What equipment and kitchen tools are essential for any healthy kitchen and getting rid of what  no longer serves you;

Week 3 Harmonious Meal Planning and Shopping This week is about taking the time to start planning and shopping like  you mean it.  In week 3 we will:

  • Effectively meal plan so there is no mystery in what we are eating for the week (no more “what’s for dinner?” at 5pm!);
  • Learn HOW to shop for healthy staples and become a wise consumer;
  • Discover how to enjoy cooking and not look at it as something to dread;
  • Learn creative, yet practical tips to save you time and make your life more peaceful;
  • Put together meals that YOU love with staples right from your newly created whole foods pantry.

“I would definitely recommend this class. Heather’s knowledge, patience, and realistic advice could help many of my friends.”

Bonus Class: Nutritious, Delicious Cooking Class – Meals In Balanceavocado

An optional cooking class created specifically for workshop participants.  Let’s put all we have learned into practice! In this hands on cooking class, we will dive more into the importance of whole foods – highlighting grains, beans and greens – and of course cook some delicious dishes using staples and newly discovered herbs, spices and other flavorful additions right from your newly created pantry.  Be prepared to discuss, chop, and of course, eat (menus to follow at sign up)! Sign up today to expand your awareness around health on this enlightening experience!  Sign up for the 21-day journey and add in the cooking class if you prefer.  

Sign Up Options

 **Some participants might want to work through the process, one-on-one, as we learn more about our health and healing.  If you have a specific health concern that needs targeted nutritional therapy or simply want personalized attention, please let me know and I would be happy to speak with you. SPECIAL BONUS: Sign up for the workshop by October 30th and receive $50 off a one-on-one inspirational food and nutrition session with Heather.

  • The first three classes will be held in Southport, CT.  The bonus cooking class will be held in Fairfield, CT.
  • Classes start on Thursday November 7th at 10:30am and continue for the next three weeks. The bonus cooking class will be on December 5th or on a date that we all agree on.
  • Classes usually last 1 1/2 to 2  hours.
  • This workshop is intended to be a small group in a supportive environment.  This is a comfortable place to share ideas and health issues in confidence.
  • In between classes there will be thought provoking homework, action steps and recipes to try at home – all compiled in a beautiful notebook worthy of sitting on your kitchen shelf.
  • Optional online private Facebook forum, to keep the conversation going and interact with me and other like minded women.

Have questions about this workshop?  Please contact me,  I am always happy to share more about the Nutritious, Delicious Journey and answer any questions you may have.

Can’t make the LOCAL class?  The ONLINE class is coming this Fall – details to follow!