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Reverse planking with my new goat friend

I just did yoga with baby goats this past weekend, what did you do?

A friend suggested that we go to Goat Yoga. What? Yes, a yoga class in a pen. With baby goats. Jumping on you.

Goats are natural climbers, so anytime you plank, or downward dog or get into child’s pose, they’re on it.

Don’t go to goat yoga with your hair down either. They love to chew. Hair, shoelaces, hay. I thought I was a genius for wrapping my hair but they loved that too. The point of goat yoga is not really about the yoga. Unless you don’t mind the distraction. I ended up laughing more in that hour than I have in a year it seems.

The point is to have fun. Which we don’t do enough of lately. No fun equals chronic stress, which equals high cortisol levels and, in turn, can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

So let’s go have some fun!

I wanted to share my goat experience with you and a couple other ideas that are on my summer to-do list that fall simply into the fun category.

Five Fun Things I Plan On Doing This Summer

Go Strawberry Picking Then Make My Own Jam. There is something to working in the fields to pick your own berries, then taking them home to turn them into homemade jam. This is a perfect project for a weekend and a willing friend who wants to lend a hand.

Visit Multiple Farmer’s Markets. Some markets are better than others but all have something special and local to them. I find nothing better than browsing the markets for the best produce, purchasing a loaf of local homemade bread, a wedge of local farm cheese, and calling it dinner.

Find Five Hiking Spots To Walk. Where I live, open spaces abound and I love to go explore new places to hike. One ran me right into an enormous blueberry field with a sign that told us to pick the fresh berries. You never know what you will find on your hiking adventures.

Go See an Outdoor Concert. In about fifteen years, I think I have only missed one outdoor James Taylor summer concert at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. This marks the start of summer for me and my friends and his songs never get old.

Learn Some New Summer Dishes. What a great time of year to play around with food, experiment with fresh herbs and try new vegetables. Search the vast internet for new ideas or take a class! My cooking classes are always laid back, fun yet informative. Click HERE for my next class this June.

Now, I want to hear from you. What fun things are you planning on doing this summer? Share your ideas below!