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Tap into some of this – and reconnect with real food!

If you live in the real world (like most of us do), you are feeling a little burnt out with summer right about now.

Yes, I am going to miss the warm sunshine, the longer carefree days and evenings at the beach, but I am feeling more than ready to get back into a routine with my food and meals. I wrote in my last post that on top of all this great weather, I have also been pulled in many different directions – two kids going off to college (and all that travel), work and other family commitments has tossed my routine out the window.

Yet, I am a culinary nutritionist by trade, and in the world of culinary nutrition, I know a thing or two about not letting this pause upset the apple cart. Culinary nutrition combines the science behind nutrition along with creativity of healthy eating and cooking. If you know the right way to eat and you know how to get back in your kitchen, you have won half the battle.

To help get back on track this September, here are three tips you can use right now:

Make A Date With Yourself. Labor Day is behind us, kids are back in school. Is today the day you will regroup and get to know your kitchen again? Setting a date and having a deadline helps to distinguish from “someday” to “Wednesday morning I will sit down and make a grocery list of great seasonal food choices”. Put it on the calendar if you have to.

Tap Into The Season. This is my all tie favorite time of year for fresh vegetables and produce. Greens, eggplant, beautiful local tomatoes, zucchini, corn. Grab some inspiration and mender through your local farmers market, pick up a few things that look interesting to you. Need a recipe? Click on some of mine HERE.

Get Reacquainted With Real Food. It’s been a great summer, but for many of us, it’s all about the ice cream and quick takeout food, because who wants to cook when it’s so hot? Real food is made with simple, flavorful ingredients. Real food makes us feel good, helps us lose weight and/or maintain our healthy lives. Real food is clean eating in action. If you are ready to embrace real, clean eating check out my upcoming Fall Clean Eating Challenge by clicking HERE.

Now, I would love to hear from you. What are you going to do this fall to reconnect with yourself,  your health and your food? Let me know in the comments below!