Culinary Wellness Classes & Private Cooking Lessons

Step into the kitchen and begin a nutritious, delicious  journey.

In The Green Palette Kitchen you will learn simple ways to eat fresh, healthy, seasonal foods.  We will discuss time saving equipment you should never live without, easy ways to prepare fresh and delicious meals, how to flavor foods to make them sing and, of course, chat about how certain foods have a positive impact on your health and well being.  It is the mission of the Green Palette Kitchen to demystify healthy cooking and make it practical and accessible for everyone. 


 The Green Palette Kitchen offers:

  • Monthly Cooking Classes – hands-on or demo
  • Individualized, Private Cooking Lessons
  • Culinary Wellness Workshops (Cookshops)



What Is Culinary Wellness?

Culinary Wellness takes the best of science based nutrition knowledge, then translates that into something delicious in your kitchen.

When we learn to recognize the power that real food has on our stress, energy, pain and overall wellbeing, we might get inspired to get back into our kitchens, making cooking a pleasant priority.

The goal of the Culinary Wellness philosophy is to make healthy cooking clear and easy to understand so it doesn’t feel like a chore.  Knowing what and how to eat is one thing, knowing how to prepare healthy foods to make them taste delicious is the missing link. The Green Palette Kitchen covers all that for you.  Eating healthy means embracing a high plant, low processed foods diet.  We emphasize an abundant amount of seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and healthy proteins.  The words anti-inflammatory, power foods and delicious are common language in our classes and we show you how to incorporate only the best, most nutritious foods into your everyday diet.



Culinary Wellness Is Perfect For Anyone Who:

  • wishes to save tons of time in their kitchen
  • wants to ease stress around what to eat
  • would love to learn how to make simple healthy food taste delicious
  • would actually like to have fun while cooking
  • wants to learn how to even out energy and stress with the power of real food

Monthly Cooking Classes At The Green Palette Kitchen

My healthful cooking classes are a great way to gain kitchen inspiration and build your repertoire of delicious, healthy recipes. The monthly menu is what we will be cooking for my group classes, private classes and other events. I am always happy to work with you to create your own personalized menu with a group of friends. Click on the current month for the details, menu and price.

January – Warming Winter Soups Cooking Class
February – Boost Your Immunity with Healthy Food
March – Deep Winter Comfort Cooking
April – Hint Of Early Spring
May – Lighten Up Our Meals Spring Menu
June – Cooking With Fresh Summer Herbs
July – Easy, Breezy Summer Menu
August – Healthy Summer Nights
September – Garden To Plate, Late Summer Harvest
October – The Height of Fall Cooking
November – Healthy Holiday Skills Cooking
DecemberComfort Foods That Are Actually Good For You

The Cookshop Schedule (coming 2018)

  • February 2018 Sunday Solutions
  • April 2018 Food and Mood
  • June 2018 Making Sense Of Detoxing
  • August 2018 The Anti-inflammatory Movement
  • October 2018 Holiday Survival Prep
  • December 2018 Pound Zero


What are Cookshops? Half cooking class/demo, half workshop, Cookshops are hands-on learning at their best. We meet once a week for two weeks to discuss important topics with a variety of health issues, then learn through tasting.

Private Cooking Lessons

We all need to eat, and eating well is the foundation of health. For most of us, however, we were not born with a skillet in our hands. You know you want to make changes to what you are eating but sometimes you need a little guidance and assistance.

Private cooking lessons at the Green Palette Kitchen are highly individualized to address your specific wellness concerns. After an initial meeting to go over your health history, food requirements, likes and dislikes, Heather will create an individual cooking lesson plan that is both interactive and suited for your cooking expertise. You won’t believe healthy can actually be this easy and taste this good.

In our 2-hour, interactive sessions we will:

  • discuss foods that support overall health
  • explore recipes that are not only nutritious but that also taste delicious. Flavor is my motto!
  • discover the secrets to simple, effortless cooking
  • practice cooking skills and knife skills in a supportive, relaxed environment
  • cook, taste, eat, enjoy!
  • please click HERE to get in touch with Heather and set up a time to talk.
  • classes, which include all handouts, food to taste and take home, are for one to two people and are $200 for the first person and $75 for an additional person. A consultation fee will also be added on.

What Past Students Are Saying…

“It is so very rare to find in one person a master chef dedicated to organic foods and healthy living, combined with her expertise as a top quality educator in nutrition for kids, adults and people with medical conditions. As both a nutritionist and a chef, Heather Carey is a one stop shop for anyone looking to learn how to eat, learn how to cook deliciously healthy foods and gain the tools needed to take control of your health and wellness through food.”

Hilary Berger

Founder of , Work Like A Mother - Weston, CT

“I’m consistently impressed with Heather’s professionalism and attention to detail, not only as a chef but also as a nutritionist. I love the cooking classes. There is a great mix of learning, demonstration, discussion, and tasting. I always come away with fresh information, new cooking skills, and tried, tested healthy recipes that I put right into the rotation. Heather’s enthusiasm is contagious – I am enjoying cooking more! Heather’s soups are exceptional! We had two family members going through major medical treatments and Heather’s nutrition-packed, delicious soups were a wonderful gift for them. Everything is thoughtfully planned and well prepared.”
Eileen P.

Southport, CT

I love the cooking classes! There is a great mix of learning, demonstration, discussion, and tasting. I always come away with fresh information, new cooking skills, and tried, tested healthy recipes that I put right into the rotation. Heather’s enthusiasm is contagious – I am enjoying cooking more!

Eileen P.

Southport, CT

I enjoyed the informality of the class because I felt I could ask any questions no matter how simple. And I came away feeling as though I had just eaten in a gourmet restaurant! And was delighted to take home your food!

Anne D.

Darien, CT

“This class was very informative and lots of fun. The food was prepared in a quick and healthy way. All very delicious!”

Liz W.

Fairfield, CT

“Today’s class was fantastic! I learned many skills, techniques and tips – too many to mention. There was nothing missing from this class!”

Samantha M.

Southport, CT

“Heather makes healthy cooking delicious and fun!”

Robin P.

Fairfield, CT

“I loved all of the recipes! Absolutely delicious! I felt very comfortable asking questions and the flow of the class was perfect. I learned how to cook with healthy ingredients and I am looking forward to doing another class, thank you!!”


Westport, CT

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