So, You Really Think You’re Getting Enough Calcium?

I think that I am a pretty healthy eater, and I imagine you might think you are too. So why aren’t you getting enough calcium? As a healthy eater, I always want to get my nutrients from food rather than supplements. Supplements, which can be really useful for filling...

Lemony Sardine and Arugula Salad

I know. Sardines. Just the word gets a grimace from the audience. But I swear, this recipe just might get put into your lunch rotation. It’s that good. First, the Culinary Nutrition Part: Sardines are one of the most underrated wonder foods that really do deserve more...

Rating the Yogurts: The Good, Bad & Not So Tasty!

Let’s talk yogurt, a good for you, “living” food. Traditional yogurt is made from milk and a variety of bacteria that not only helps thicken and give the milk its traditional sour taste but that are also beneficial for our intestines. They basically feed the good bugs...

It Can Be Tough Getting Back On Track

If you are feeling like winter has taken a hold of you and refuses to let go, you are not alone. Every year, in January, on the New Year, during resolution season, I would be the first person in line with my list of big goals. I had a bunch: lose 15 pounds (how??), go...

Whole Grain Banana Blueberry Muffins

It's about this time of year that my cravings hit.Sugar, sugar, sugar! Of all kinds. If I am being totally honest, I know exactly where this is all coming from. Cravings take on two forms - physical and emotional. Physical - I am truly hungry and needing quick energy...

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